10 Beautiful Bengali Mehndi Designs


10 Beautiful Bengali Mehndi Designs


Mehndi is not a true Bengali tradition but I’ve seen Bengali ladies with red coloured designs on hands. I believe the colour used is called ‘Aalta’ or at least we call it so in North. But as every culture loves to borrow from others, Mehndi has become popular among Bengali girls. Even my Bengali friend wore mehndi on her wedding.

I’ve tried to pick designs accurately but please do let me know whether these fit in Bengali tradition or not. Here are ten amazing and simple henna designs-

Fully Decorated


beautiful bengali mehndi

If you like to fill your hands with henna then this design is perfect for you. It is simple and made of beautiful flowers. The look has been enhanced with stones.

Paint Job


easy bengali mehndi designs

I called it that as it is so easy to make. Draw a few patterns and fill them with henna. Very simple but still your hands will look all colourful.

Floral Design


easy bengali mehndi

This design uses some simple floral patters adorned with tendrils. You can replicate it on your hands easily. Do some shading and its ready.



beautiful bengali mehndi designs

Paisley is probably the most commonly used pattern for mehndi designs. It is use in various forms and can be designed in many different ways.

Simple Design

bengali mehndi

This one is super simple. Patterns are artistic and different. Anyone can make it to get beautiful hands.

Fine Design


easy mehndi bengali

This design also uses a paisley as the central pattern. The palm has been fully covered with simple yet lovely designs. Try it for a wedding.

Criss- Cross


bengali designs mehndi

I love it for its simplicity. It has a tiny paisley, flowers and heart shaped patterns. Try it if you are new to mehndi or have less time.



lovely bengali mehndi

This mehndi design looks truly traditional. I like the way it looks. To me it appears like some pooja decoration.

Round design


lovely bengali mehndi designs

Round mehndi designs are favourites with many people. Use a round object to draw the circle and fill it with any pattern of your choice.

Multiple Branches

bengali mehndi designs

It looks like many branches of a tree or simply vines. It is easy and great to get fully covered hands quickly.

Do you like bengali mehendi designs?

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