10 Beautiful Blonde Hairstyles



10 Beautiful Blonde Hairstyles

Be it sandy, warm wheat, platinum or buttery, blonde hairstyles have a story of their own. I am totally not getting into the debate of how bimbos the blondes actually are, but frankly I love the fact that how beautifully blonde hair shows off a texture better than darker hues, which makes the hairstyles even more appealing.

So here is a list of some beautiful blonde hairstyles.

Sleek Long hair


Sleek Long blonde hair


Long hair seems beautiful whether you design it or let it stay simply open. I would say if you have sleek long hair, show off its elegance by keeping your hair open.

Long waves


waves blonde hairstyle


If you have natural long flowing waves, then you are one lucky soul on earth. But if you don’t have, then also there is no need to worry about that. There are lots of methods to make your straight long blonde hairs appear much more gorgeous with a touch of waves.





The famous hairstyle of the 50s gives you a vintage look in minutes. Styling it is pretty simple, raise your hair at the top of the head by padding or teasing so that the size and shape is looks like a hive.

You can go for half up and half down by “beehiving” the front portion and letting open the rest of your hair. Or you can take the lower portion and pocket it around the nape of your neck.



Chignon hairstyle for blonde hair


There can be two kinds of chignons, one messy chic and another one simple and neat. Just take your hair, twist and pin into a knot at the nape of the neck. The binding is more loosely done as compared to normal buns.



Cornrows best blonde hairstyle


This is one fun hairstyle which I tried so many times and at so many places and occasions. Actually originated from Africa, it soon became widely popular due to its easy and fun appeal. Just braid strands of hair into a series of French-braid-like locks. Make sure you cling to the head and travel the neck along with your hair length. You can then put the hanging portion into ponytails, buns or whatever you like.

Crown braid


beautiful blonde hairstyle


Part your hair in the middle and then separate into two sections. Start braiding from the nape of the neck as you move forward and secure it with a tie. Do this again on the opposite side. Now take the right braid and pin it on left and the left on right. This will give a crown like effect. Or you can go traditional way by pulling the majority of your hair forward and start on one side of the base of your neck by separating three strands of hair. Start braiding the strands together and follow along the crown of your head and add a little hair to each strand as you braid around. Once you’ve braided around the front of your head finish the braid and use an elastic band to secure it.

Angled Bob


hairstyle for blonde hair


Graduated bob haircut with side parting creates a classic look for the girl.



blonde hair elegant style


Wavy blonde hair with side or middle parting bunched and pressed in a tiny bun at the lower back for an elegant style.

Braided left open


braided styling for blonde hair


One of the simplest and looks so beautiful on blonde hair. Middle part your hair and braid the front portion and pin it behind the ears. Left the rest of your hair open. A little messy and stylish.

Front feather with bangs


blonde hair with front bangs


This is not exactly styling but more of trimming and grooming. But when you have a haircut like this, who needs styling?

Which one is your favorite blonde hairstyle?

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