10 Beautiful Gold Accessories For Hair



10 Beautiful Gold Accessories For Hair

When it comes to fashion accessories, we think of shoes, rings, statement necklaces, clutches etc etc. But sometimes Hairs are left simple with no good accessory. This is not at all fair.. if we care so much about other stuffs then why not accessorize out tresses.

Indian brides although have a fair amount of hair accessory that looks very elegant and feminine. But why only brides can enjoy all the hair accessories, we girls too want to have a fair share and we shall have that for sure.

Today, in this article I shall show some of very chic gold hair accessory. Yes you read it right, it is all about gold hair accessories today, all apt for a bride and at the same moment for the bridesmaid, apt for a prom and also apt for your bad hair days (allowing the accessory to grab the whole attention.)

So now, without much ado let us head towards the gorgeous hair accessories:

Jadai Nagam


Hair accessories gold -jadai nagam


I could not get a better start than the heavy, the elegant ‘Jadai Nagam’. These a very traditional bridal hair accessory and is extremely popular in South India. Jadai Nagam can be explained as a braid ornament, that covers the long pleated braid of the bride. This is a huge and heavy ornament and has always got a royal appeal to it.



Beautiful Gold Accessories For Hair -PAASA


Paasa, the royal Mughal hair accessory is no longer restricted only to traditional Muslim weddings. With top designers having their models wear the paasa on ramp, it is now a bridal favorite. Traditionally Paasas are gold based accompanied with pearls and beads. Paasa looks awesome with open or tied hairdo. Most often brides wear these long side hair paasas.

Similarly maang tikkas and sheeshphools are some very common gold bridal hair accessories.

Bohemian Headband


Bohemian Hair Chain


Let’s go Bohemian way with this beautiful Bohemian Headband with Gold Leaves and Rhinestone chain .This multi layered chain does not restrict you for special occasions and you can certainly flaunt with a princess alike mood.

Gilded Vine Headpiece


Gold Accessories For Hair -Gilded vine headpiece


This piece of accessory is a heart stealer to be honest. The vine leaflets looks very elegant here. This headpiece is apt for the family celebrations and I would not suggest to wear this casually.

Bumble Bee Bobby Pin


Hair Gold Accessories -Gold Bumble Bee Bobby Pin


How cute is this!!! Don’t you think so?
The tiny gold bumble bee on hair is quite an unique idea. These are actually bobby pins with the gold bumble bees studded to it. These are your on the go casual hair accessories.

Gold Hair Cuff


Gold Accessories -HAIR CUFF


Tired of the regular pony with a ‘ohh so boring – Rubber bands’. It is now time to add some glam quotient to your pony with a beautiful hair cuff. I have had enough of gold cuffs for my wrists , I should go invest in a gold hair cuff, How about you ?

Tasseled Jhumki Jooda


Hair Gold Accessories  -Tasseled Jhumki Jooda


This is another common hair accessory common in India and looks very traditional. This is piece too have old roots and has been around since ages and is still in trends.

Gold Headband


gold head band


Headbands have always been quite a hit among girls and to increase its craze we have this very chic gold headband. The leaflet detailing on this gold headband is very attractive .

Gold Leaf Grecian Hair Chain Tassel Comb


Accessories For Hair - Gold LeafHair Chain Tassel Comb


Time is gone when you chose to hide in home on your bad hair days, just pick the right accessory and shine on your bad hair days. I love the way it makes you look and feel beautiful. You can easily walk around at the mall with this hair accessory on and gather the compliments coming your way.

Gold Metal Hair Bun Crescent


Beautiful Gold Accessories For Hair -Gold metal hair bun crescent


This is a very kewl piece. Let us now accessorize our buns in a contemporary way now. This beautiful Gun Metal Hair Bun Crescent is by Yves saint Laurent is absolutely elegant and the same time comes in the class of an offbeat hair accessory.

I hope you girls enjoyed the sight of these gorgeous gold hair accessories…

Which is your favorite one?

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