10 Beautiful Hairstyles Of Madhuri Dixit



10 Beautiful Hairstyles Of Madhuri Dixit

When we say that oval face shape can carry any hairstyle, we imagine Madhuri Dixit. The diva has crystal clear skin and stunning bouncy hair. Her smile adds more charm to her face. Now even though she is less active in films and TV, there is still no fall in the number of her fans. She still reigns over hearts of many.

Besides her infectious smile, her hair is another thing that sets her apart. Give her any hairstyle and she will rock it. Don’t believe me? See yourself-

Open Curls


madhuri dixit hairstyles (2)

Madhuri has naturally curly and gorgeous hair. Her natural curls have been arranged very beautifully here.  The loose wispy hairstyle suits her like anything.

Wavy Ponytail


madhuri dixit hairstyles (3)

This is the perfect long ponytail. Madhuri’s hair have been pulled back, revealing her beautiful features. Side ponytails are always a great idea when one is in doubt.

Centre Part


madhuri dixit hairstyles (4)

Curls and centre parting are less common as compared to curls with side parting. I think the reason is that very few girls have the perfect looks like Madhuri Dixit. She looks lovely here.

Short Bob


madhuri dixit hairstyles (5)

I wanted a better picture as for some weird reason I keep confusing Madhuri for Manisha Koirala here 😛 There is no confusion though that Madhuri looks super cute in short hair.

Flower in Hair


madhuri dixit hairstyles (6)

I like ‘floral’ hair 😛 The simple waves are being complimented beautifully by big flowers.

Voluminous Bun


madhuri dixit hairstyles (7)

She can carry this too. This one is a simple bun near the nape of neck. Volume on top adds glamour to the otherwise plain look.

Half Up-Half Down


madhuri dixit hairstyles (8)

This is another hairstyle that rescues in tricky situations. Simple pulled back half up hairstyle with wavy hair looks really amazing on Madhuri. Very beautifully done!

Straight Hair


madhuri dixit hairstyles (9)

This is a change from her regular curly hair looks and is a good one. I would love to see her more with straight hair, just for some freshness!

Loose Bun


madhuri dixit hairstyles (1)

This hairstyle suits almost every face shape and works too well for Madhuri. How neatly each strand of the hair has been placed! I adore this look.

Blown Away


madhuri dixit hairstyles (10)

Madhuri’s curls have been tamed a little hair and have been given the appearance of a fresh blow dry. What would I give to make my hair look like this for even 2-3 hours!

Which is your favorite hairstyle of Madhuri Dixit?

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