10 Beautiful Lipstick Shades Of Deepika Padukone


10 Beautiful Lipstick Shades Of Deepika Padukone

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Today I bring you ten looks of Deepika Padukaone which she totally rocked and carried herself in a really classy way! From the gorgeous red pout to the dramatic burgundy shade, she looked ravishing in every look and stood up to be the Ideal Star Of The Year with back to back movie hits and stunning appearances.

Look 1

This is a snapshot from the famous number Badtameez Dil from her popular flicks and we surely loved Deepika’s smoky nude makeup to the core. In my opinion, MAC Sheen Ultra Darling would be perfectly close to achieve the glossy nude lip color Deepika flaunts in this snap!

deepika padukone lipstick suggestion 1

Look 2

A bold and matte orange with red undertones is what makes her look really gorgeous and sensuous. MAC Lady Danger in my opinion would be perfect to get this retro look of Deepika.

deepika padukone lipstick suggestion 2

Look 3

Deepika rocks this bridal look with a subtle shade of lipstick so as to stand out other beautiful features of her face. Bobbi Brown Lip Color Rose Blossom would surely give a lovely impression to the lips just as Deepsi’s this look!

deepika padukone lipstick suggestion 3

Look 4

A dramatic color for bridal couture photo shoot made Deepika’s look intense and bold which surely went quite popular that she adorned these deep colored lips in most of her public appearances. Givenchy Lip Liner in Raspberry would give a close match to the dark lips of Deepika.

deepika padukone lipstick suggestion 4

Look 5

Although her skin tone look a bit different in this picture but we can’t stop admiring the lovely Deepika’s look. MAC Riri Woo lipstick would closely match the lipstick she is wearing here.

deepika padukone lipstick suggestion 5

Look 6

Deepika’s recent appearance in the IIFA awards turned many heads as she opted for a vampy dark berry shade on her pout. In my opinion, MAC Vino Lip Liner would be just the perfect color to get the same color on your lips.

deepika padukone lipstick suggestion 6

Look 7

A subtle shade of color on her pout for celebrating her movies success made Deepika really look gorgeous. I think Revlon Colorburst Matte Balm Sultry would be perfect for the rosy nude lips.

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deepika padukone lipstick suggestion 7

Look 8

A winged eye liner look and classy matte red lips is a lethal combo any given day. The Balm Mia Moore Lipstick is going to clearly match the same lip shade as Deepika flaunts here.

deepika padukone lipstick suggestion 8

Look 9

Deepika looked so retro and beautiful in this cover page photo shoot and to get the same color on your lips try the shade MAC lipstick Fanfare with the winged eye liner.

deepika padukone lipstick suggestion 9

Look 10

Deepika surely carries orange lip shade with ease and poise and here too she seems to be comfortable with a light tangy orange shade and MAC Lip Mix in Orange would be a close dupe of this shade!


I hope you like all these lipstick suggestions and different looks of Deepika Padukone. For all her fans, which one of her looks is the best among these?

Have you tried these Lipsticks?

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  1. I’m a biggest fan of Deepika Padukone in the whole world, n there is no 1 like her. I want 2 meet her, I love her every luks n want 2 b like her. She is very very gorgeuos , I like her dimples a lot. I’ve heard that Deepz loves romantic red lipstick a lot n I also love romantic red lipstick 2. I’m a gr8 fan of Deepika Padukone! 🙂


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