10 Beautiful Must Have Nail Polish Shades For The Fall



10 Beautiful Must Have Nail Polish Shades For The Fall

The fall season has arrived and we have discussed all about must have clothing, must try hair colors for, must have lipsticks shades etc for the fall season, then how can we not discuss the must have nail polish shades for the falls season.

Actually without discussing the nail shades I could not have survived happily since nail paints are my first teenage love. The only makeup that I knew of as a teenager were the nail paints. I still remember how secretly I used to take my mum’s nail paints and apply them and then again try to keep my nails hidden from teachers at school. I should have known with such traits I am definitely going to grow up as a makeup freak.

So now after you know why I love nail paints so much, let me list down some must have nail polish shades for this fall season. This fall season it is going to be all going to range from moody blues to subtle nudes, metallic and jeweled toned nail polishes are too a hit for this season. Have a look at the shades that I suggest:

Navy Blue


10 Beautiful Must Have Nail Polish Shades For The Fall -NAVY BLUE


Black nail polishes have had their rein of rule but this year it is time to stock on some navy blue nail paint. The navy blue or the Inky blues are the new blacks this season thought they are not as edgy as black, but blue has more of a sophisticated blend with the edgy look.



Inglot Nail Enamel 956 NOTD


If navy blue is not your cup of tea, then you can settle for a purple nail polish. Purple color has a wide range of shades, you can try a deep plum, royal purple or sparkle infused amethyst.

The shades of purple nail polish bring a regal touch to your hands.

Shiny Shimmery


colorbar retro silver glitter


How can we not include shimmery shades here? Add an eye catching nail paint with silver or gold finishes to your fall collection.

Blood Red


china glaze nail polish


Reds are the ruler here and I know it is never going to go out of trend. Blood red is indeed the hottest runway color and it surely deserves to have a place in your collection. The dark blood red nail polish shade will perfectly compliment the season’s leather accessories and make a bold statement.

Classic Nude


10 Beautiful Must Have Nail Polish Shades For The Fall -CLASSIC NUDE


With all the bold colors, nude nail polish shades will make a subtle statement. Neutral nudes with pink hue or duskier nudes are great. But do not forget to finish with clear to coat for the gorgeous shine.

Chocolate Brown




I know many of you must have already expected this shade to be here. Browns are versatile colors in nail paints that go well with almost any skin tone. For the fall season try a deep, rich shade of chocolate brown. Such a shade makes a strong yet elegant statement.



Marie Claire Nail Polish High Pearl Shine Review Nail swatch+nail polish


Gray is another unique shade of nail polish to try out. A gray is more eye catchy than a nude or white nail polish. A glossy or shimmery gray will be apt for this season.



Max Factor Max effect Mini Nail Polish Dazzling Blue Review Nails+mini nail polish


Teal nail polish shade just denies ever going out of trend and works well throughout the year irrespective of the season. While you stock up your nail polishes do not miss out a teal shade.

Burnt Orange


nail care tips


Off lately I have begun to love orange shades a lot and this brings a burnt orange nail polish shade in this list. Burnt orange too is great for this fall season, the season’s fall foliage will match up with a burnt.

Metallic Chrome


barry m instant nail effects gold foil review+ barry m nail polish nail effects


Let metallic chrome shades of nail polishes make the boldest appearances this season. They will the attention grabbers for this season and I know you too just cannot go without including this in your nail polish stash.

Do you have any of the shades to wear for the fall season?

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