10 Beautiful Nose Pins For Different Faces


10 Beautiful Nose Pins For Different Faces

Nose Pins are one of the main jewels that Indian women prefer to wear. Mostly Indian brides have a tradition to wear jewelled nose rings on their wedding day.

Many ancient beliefs go back to relating that nose piercing is in a way related to a woman’s ability to bear the pain while delivery or menstruating. However, I don’t think that is possibly true because there are many women who don’t get their nose pierced and I don’t think that affects the ability to bear labour pain in any case if this notion had a slight truth!

I remember being obsessed with the nose rings when the ace Tennis player Sania Mirza flaunted them which short skirts on the court. Suddenly, wearing nose rings became really cool and it was not mere an ancient tradition.

Cool & Funky nose pins and rings came in trends and more girls were really following the trends. While in ancient times, wearing nose pins/ nose rings was a symbol of showing the wealth and endowments a girl had with her. So usually there was gold, silver and diamond nose rings popular back then. Well, nowadays more than any status symbol, these are mainly flaunted to improvise one’s looks and glamour quotient and so there are different types of nose pins available in stores!

Any girl can decide to start wearing nose pins or nose rings but a quick analysis of the different face types will make their face look even better with the different patterns of nose rings.

Nose rings come in various patterns these days like-

  • Simple Hoops
  • Bali
  • Beaded bali
  • Studs
  • Floral Studs
  • Diamond Studs

However, there is no hard and fast rule for wearing a particular type of nose ring but here are a few points which will help you in choosing the right nose ring for yourself!

  • A diamond nose stud looks beautiful on any nose, irrespective of the shape.
  • A giant coloured stone stud looks perfect on a broader nose.
  • Long and sharp nose adorns the simple hoop nose ring beautifully.
  • For a funky and edgy look, one can try any shape and size of the nose rings to accentuate their looks for a change.
  • A flower bent nose ring looks great with ethnic outfits so keep that for occasions.
  • A simple gold or silver hoop will look beautiful on the face and will go well with any outfit, Indian or western!
  • Studded hoops and nose rings should be kept for festivals and wedding occasions exclusively.
  • A simple pearl in the loop nose ring will look great on a small and pointed nose.
  • Flower patterned studs look really beautiful on a big nose, so one can go with that too!
  • A half loop- stud nose ring is also a good option to try on for a smaller nose!

Here I will be showing 10 beautiful nose pin designs which will look great on different types of face.

Simple Stud-

sakshi dhoni nose stud

It looks really chic and suits all types of occasions and outfits equally well!

Price: INR 229

nose pin

Floral Stud-

floral nose stud

This looks really beautiful who have a bid nose and they can attract attention to this beautiful center piece apart from the nose.

Price: INR 659

flower nose ring

Wide Nose Ring-

wide nose ring

Prcie: INR 499

This is more of a traditional nose ring and looks good on ethnic outfits and certainly not an everyday wear!

Diamond Stud-

diamond stud

Price: INR 359

This looks timeless and suits any nose shape and looks good on every age group.

diamond stud

Flower Bent Nose Pin-

flower bent nose ring

Price: INR 1390

This is another trendy nose pin popular these days and gives a chic look to the face. One can try it on for different days and occasions.

flower bend ring

Studded Golden Loop-

studded loop nose ring

Price: INR 1295

This is another popular nose pin and suits sharp and pointed nose. This again goes well with traditional dresses more that any western outfit!

simple studded nose hoop

Large Studded Hoops-

large studded hoop ring

These change the look entirely and call for a special occasion like wedding or festivals. These surely look beautiful as they tend to change the appearance drastically.

Price: INR 2664

large stud nose ring

Studded Golden Bali-

studded golden nose ring

This nose pin looks very cool with most of the outfits and make the look quite appealing.

Price: INR 1899

studded bali nose pin

U-bent nose ring-

u bent nose ring

Price: INR 399

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Another lovely nose ring popular is this one and I guess it will look great on all outfits as you tend to look bold and edgy with these rings.

Beaded Golden Bali-

beaded golden bali

Price: INR 195

Adorning different colored beads in a simple nose ring is yet another trend and one can match the beads with the outfits for the funky look.

beaded nose ring

I hope you liked all the designs!


  1. Exactly, a simple diamond stud ring can change the look of your face. I am totally agree with the different style of nose pins for different occasion.

  2. Piercing a nose and wearing a nose pin or ring left sidw of thw nose,will help the teenage girls to control their anger its medically proven their is a particular reason and goodness in Indian traditions we have to know it

  3. Hi friends,
    I want my wife to wear a nose pin, but 1) she doesn’t have a piercing, 2) she keeps saying she will soon order online/buy a clip-on type sooon… 8 years has passed and that hasn’t happened. I can order myself but am worried I will end up ordering something goofy.
    This is for a south indian marriage & she is average built with a little chubby nose.
    Can you suggest anything – preferably online.
    Rgds, S Kumar

    • Try buying a cheap one online and try it on you..if you dont like it dont wesr..simple!…don’t buy a real gold for the first time

  4. I like stud Nose Pin. It is today’s fashion for latest girls. Nose Pin is a Ghana of Suhagan women. Your blog designs, as well as information, is awesome. Thanks, fo sharing.

  5. I want to get my nose pierced..but I m scared about the pain..can I get it painless n from where can I get it done?? M confused what if it doesn’t look nice on me. I have a facecut like Karishma Kapoor oval cum long face.

    • I think a nose stud would look great on your face!
      I got my nose pierced in 4th standard itself and the piercing process was like a cakewalk…the painful part was when i had to remove the gold nose ring and replace with a stud!!

      But they say it is painful when you grow up! If you are too scared try a clip on nose ring that doesn’t require piercing…you can visit your family jewellers store for that they wil guide you!


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