10 Beautiful Ombre Hair



10 Beautiful Ombre Hair

Hair color is the easiest way to change the way you look. Of course a hair cut ranks first when we try to change a look but changing your hair look gives you all the more edge and yet is a safe bet only till the time you are using safe colors and shades according to your skin tone.

When we talk about hair colors we cannot just ignore the fact that Ombre hair color is the hottest trend this season though not the newest. Ombre has been around for quite some time but it has now become a hot trend which almost everybody wants to adorn.

Confused about hair color shades then follow a simple tip about opting lighter shades in the summers and darker shades for the winters.

We desire for ombre hair colors but yes many a times are scared about how the color will turn out. Everybody hair shows up differently for different colors and not all hair coloring processes gives similar results, so if you want to flaunt the trend you really got to take a plunge and see yourself how your hair accepts a shade of your choice.

Still not have clear mind!!! To give some ideas I present forth you some really edgy Ombre hair colors which you can try:

Soft Caramel




This is the easiest Ombre color to be carried. It suits all skin tones and works superbly well with soft curls. Medium to thick hair texture that holds curls well are ideal for caramel ombre.
So what are you waiting for, go to your stylist match your caramel shade and bring out beachy curly haired caramel diva in you.

Chocolatey Cherry




This is your bet when you try to be a little different with the regular browns and blonde Ombres. This smooth transition of chocolate into cherry color brightens up your daily look. This ombre will suit medium to fair complexions the best. Thick hair texture accepts such colors very well.

Short & Sassy




Long hair for ombre hair color is an old rule. It is now time to get sassier with your short hair and to have fun with the hottest trend.
Jazz up your hair with some strokes of blonde and create a texture.

Again this will go well with all skin tones.

The Reverse Ombre




So this gets us into some serious breaking of old norms. It is believed by the masses that ombre hair color needs to go from darker tops to lighter ends. How about some reverse Ombre.

This is not only unique but also provides some edge from the regular ombre hair colors. The darker ends also gives benefit of hiding damaged ends

Face Framing Ombre




Face framing Ombre is a great way to change the overall look. Ombre highlights around the front of your hair. Straight hair works best with such face framing ombre.

Caramel Highlight Ombre




Instead of solid colors choose ombre highlights. This will suit the darker skin tones with medium to thick textured hair the best.

Patterned Ombre




This is quite a creative task now. Usually stamped patterns are opted for patterned ombres but some are specialized enough to paint it on. You can try varieties of patterns like flowers, hearts etc. But make sure that only a specialized stylist does this for you. Thick textured – straight hair will only be able to sport such patterned ombres really well.

This reverse ombre’ with patterns stamped or painted on is a fresh take on this new trend. Let your stylist get creative! Try leopard print, flowers, patterns, hearts and more. Everyone will be jealous of your fabulous ‘do!

Intertwining Mahogany




This is a great color for dark Brown hair. It is subtle yet adds dimension to your tresses. But before you chose this discuss with your stylist so as to ensure that you get the color that you desire rather than ending up with a red head.

Soft Ribbon Ombre


Soft Ribbon Ombre


Soft ribbons of blonde wind through the ends and are brought up closer around the face to brighten and create more texture. Multi tones of blonde, caramel and chocolate are intertwined to create this rich ombre hair color. Fair skin tones sport this ombre the best and it goes even better with wavy hair.

Cherry Cola




The gradual process from rich cherry shade into the dark cola color looks beautiful.
The cherry cola ombre suits best to the thick, straight hair with darker skin tones.

Ladies these were some sassy ombre hair colors for you to try. Your hair may not exactly replicate the pictures and may have some variations depending upon the hair texture. But a specialized stylist will get you the closet to your desire. So make sure you carry a picture of the look that you want to recreate.

I may any time soon get myself an ombre hair color look. Are you too try to try the hot trend?

Do you like ombre hair color look?

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  1. which shade will go with my wheatish complexion?currently using dark brown to hide grey strands.once used burgundy but grey strands turn red so completely mismatch! pl help


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