10 Beautiful Puff Hairstyles


10 Beautiful Puff Hairstyles

Don’t you just love big, puffed up hair? The trend has been here since quite a long time and it is not going out anytime soon. Every celebrity has sported puff hairstyles on many occasions. Girls also love to wear such hairdos and they should as these hairstyles are the sure-shot way to look hot. If your hair is not easy to tease then try readymade puff-inserts.

These are the puff hairstyles that you can try right now-

beautiful puff hairstyles (3)

Here is the beautiful Deepika Padukone sporting a perfect elegant bun hairstyle. There is volume on top but not too much which makes this hairstyle easy to make.

beautiful puff hairstyles (6)

Half tied hair look lovely with a bouffant. This much of volume can be achieved easily with a bump-it. It is suitable for even long face shape.

beautiful puff hairstyles (8)

This fluffy side pony is really wonderful. It is super messy and the ponytail has been tied with hair strands loosely.

beautiful puff hairstyles (5)

Sleek and shiny are the words for this retro bun. This puff hairstyle is suitable for brides. It is elegant and can be pulled off easily by many face shapes.

beautiful puff hairstyles (10)

This high ponytail has quite a lot of volume. There is a poof on the top and and the pony is textured nicely giving it a superb look.

beautiful puff hairstyles (7)

Here is a simple bun with side fringe. Wispy curls are looking lovely and the hair has been puff up just a little so that the hairstyle does not look flat.

beautiful puff hairstyles (9)

Loving this simple and pretty pony on Selena Gomez. You need to use a a good texturising spray to achieve this look.

beautiful puff hairstyles (2)

How simple and cute is this puff hairstyle! It is an easy everyday hairstyle and looks good on any kind of hair.

beautiful puff hairstyles (4)

Another puff hairstyle on Deepika Padukone. I love this retro puff hairstyle. Lots of tight curls and red roses make this hairstyle look even better.

beautiful puff hairstyles (1)

This is an elaborate hairstyle and is apt for special occasions. It can even be worn by brides on their D day or some other function. The shiny floral clip is pretty as well.

Did you like these beautiful puff hairstyles?

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