10 Beautiful Sterling Silver Jhumka Designs


10 Beautiful Sterling Silver Jhumka Designs

I love silver jhumkas. I love collecting them whenever I can and from wherever possible. Silver jhumkas hypnotize me and I am kind of obsessed with them.

So, today I’ll be listing my top favorite silver jhumkas.

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Big Plain silver jhumkas:

sterling silver jhumkas

These are my absolute favorite. They are gorgeous, stylish, elegant and adds a touch of sophistication to your whole look.

Silver jhumkas with pearl:

silver jhumka design2

These are 92.5 silver jhumkis which have intricate flower designs engraved on them and dangling small pearls. These are more ethnic, and look gorgeous with sarees. Absolutely stunning.

Silver layered jhumkas:

sterling silver jhumka designs

These are more wearable, comes in varied design and sizes and can be worn with Indian and indo-western attires as well.

Antique peacock jhumkas:

sterling silver jhumka (1)

Known as antique rajasthani jhumkas, these jhumkas are a result of deep fascination with the rich culture and art in Rajasthan in India. The peacocks, known as mayuras, symbolize rain and prosperity. These jhumkas are stunningly gorgeous and adds oomph to your look. Suits with Indian attires mainly.

Silver meenakari jhumkas:

sterling silver jhumka minakari

I love meenakari work on silver jhumkas. Meenakari is the art of coloring and ornamenting the surface of metals by fusing over it brilliant colors that are decorated in an intricate design. Meenakari adds a very royal look to the silver jhumkas.

Silver marcasite jhumkas:

small silver jhumka

Silver Marcasite jhumka is both traditional & elegant and can add a vintage touch to your outfits or provide modern chic. Marcasite is a semi-precious stone consisting of iron pyrites.

Silver jhumkas with stone work:

sterling silver jhumka stones

Precious and semi precious stones housed in sterling silver and combined with gorgeous silver jhumkas,

Silver gold plated jhumkas:

sterling silver jhumka gold plated

Different silver jhumkis, can be plain ones, or jhumkas with stone works or with engraved designs, are just plated with 18k gold to give an antique touch of gold. Great option for women who doesn’t want to spend much on gold jewelry and yet want to wear some gold for the special occasions.

Hoop with jhumkas:

sterling silver jhumka hoops

Jhumkas and hoop earrings combined together. They are cute, chic and pretty wearable.

Small silver jhumkas:

sterling silver jhumka oxidized

One or two pair of these jhumkas are must have for every girl. These are great for regular wear which can complement our daily Indian wears beautifully

Do you like wearing silver jhumkas? Let us know your favorites.

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  1. Madhubani,you truly have the most beautiful collection.Now,I belong to Kolkata and I would love to put some questions to you and would be extremely glad if I get answers to them.If I want to buy offline,then what are the places to look for? Plz specify.Where did you buy your sarees from, especially the blue one?Lastly,do tell me about a good hairdresser or hair dressing salon in South Kolkata.

    • For beautiful silver jewelry you can visit the silver jewelry shops at new market. Chamba Lama, Asian Arts , Karismaz, Curio craft, just to name a few.
      The Blue one I bought from a facebook store..dont really remember the name right now 🙁
      For hairdressing salon you can go to Be Bonnie or Eyecatchers at South City Mall..

  2. Hi,
    You really have awesome collection of jhumka’s. Can you tell me where can I get the Blue Meenakari one and the one with Peacock?

    Thanks and Regards,


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