10 Beautiful Sterling Silver Rings


10 Beautiful Sterling Silver Rings

Jewellery is an important part in the lives of both men and women. The trend of wearing jewellery has been popular among human beings since ancient times. Earlier handmade jewellery was more prominent and then came the phase of precious metal jewellery. Among the precious metals, silver and gold are still today the most preferred metals to be used in jewellery making because of the ease of making exquisite designs using these two metals.

Some people are fond of gold and silver while other like to deviate towards semi-precious and funky jewellery. Both of these types surely are meant to compliment the overall look of the person but now I will be talking about basically silver jewellery in particular.

Silver is a precious metal like Gold and has an extensive  part in the human life and is used in making various jewels. Those who cannot afford precious metals like gold can go in for a less costly Silver and still fulfill their wish to wear these precious jewellery. However the prices of both Silver & Gold have tremendously increased due to the increasing  demand.

Well, I remember my first Sterling Silver ring gifted by my husband in our courtship days! It still remains to be special one for me even after all these years I have received many more precious rings!

Sterling Silver is basically and alloy of Silver & copper containing 92.5% by mass of silver and 7.55% by mass of copper. It is usually done to give durability and strength to silver metal as the pure form of silver is too soft to produce any object with it.

I don’t find gold ornaments too cool to flaunt at my age and usually wear them only at family gatherings, where you definitely need to wear all jewellery you have in gold!! 😉 Same applies for gold rings too as the designs are way too aunty- types in comparison to the chick looking designs of the Sterling silver rings!

Here I have 10 sterling Silver rings picks which are absolutely gorgeous and I definitely feel like having all of them! So lets check them out!

Interconnected Band-

This is a beautiful design and looks really great. It has two bands running across each other to give a band shade to the ring!

sterling silver ring 1

Big center stone-

An absolute favorite design which has a big center piece with a small band running at one side. It surely is a perfect ring to propose your soul-mate

sterling silver ring 2

Band or Hearts-

This is a band shaped ring with numerous hearts arranged in a pattern. I really want this kind of ring soon! 🙂

sterling silver ring 3

Infinity Band-

What marks anything more than a romantic infinity band which symbolizes your feelings in the perfect way! Love the huge center stone with little stone patterns on both sides.

sterling silver ring 4

Mingled Hearts-

This is another lovely ring I cam across and it is surely a great idea to gift. The mingled hearts depict immense and inseparable love which makes this design beautiful!

sterling silver ring 5

Flower Band-

Just as a bouquet of flowers, a flower dress and a floral Tiara pleases a girl, this beautiful pattern of flower loop in a ring is surely thoughtful to impress any woman!

sterling silver ring 6

Sweet Floral ring

Those who love floral designs will surely love this simple yet sober flower designs with a bigger flower at the center and tow small ones on each side.

sterling silver ring 7

Studded Infinity Ring-

Another beautiful design with a lot of sparkling stones in the middle to give another infinity shape.

sterling silver ring 8

Bow Ring-

This is basically a loop of ribbon which is given a pattern of a bow which is surely every girl’s favorite!

sterling silver ring 9

Studded Band-

Here is my simple studded ring with small and big stones patterned alternately! This is surely not a Oh-so-gorgeousss!!  kind of designs, but I really wanted to include mine too in this list! 🙂

sterling silver ring 10

Did you like all the designs? Which one is you favorite?

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