10 Beauty Essentials For A Beach Holiday


10 Beauty Essentials For A Beach Holiday

Hello, ladies! Beach Holidays and summer go hand-in-hand and we always love going to that particular place every year and chill out in those bikinis and a coconut drink. But after coming back from that vacation, it takes n-th days to get back to the person we are in terms of looks. Tanning and dryness due to sun damage and sand are one the chief problems that we face during summer beach holidays but carrying a number of essential beauty necessities can surely lessen that effect. Listing 10 Beauty Essentials that we need for a beach holiday. Dig in!

10 Beauty Essentials For A Beach Holiday

Body Exfoliator:

One of the major essentials that you should carry while travelling on a beach holiday is a Body Exfoliator. This product helps to remove the excess tan from your body and also make it soft and smooth. The body exfoliator should have enough grittiness to keep the beach tanning at bay.

Check out our Body Exfoliator Recipe here:

Gel Creme:

gel creme

We all know how a beach area can be humid and prone to excessive sweat and for that reason, a gel based creme is the best choice for moisturising your skin. A gel-based creme absorbs quickly into the skin and leaves it hydrated and soft without that greasy effect. Perfect for beach holidays!


sunscreen for body acne

Well, this is perhaps the most important and commonest of the essential list when opting for a beach holiday. But make sure to choose a waterproof sunscreen with a high SPF value and PA+++ effect to give you maximum protection. Also, make sure to apply the sunscreen after every two hours to save your skin.

Hair serum:

livon serum hair conditioning

Our hair is mostly affected when we opt for a beach holiday and it tends to be all over the place with zero manageability. But by using a hair serum we can combat the effects of the frizz and make it more manageable and soft.

Body Butter:

body butter

General conception says we need body butter only in winters but that is totally wrong. Summer heat and sand can also make our skin rough and prone to dryness which can only be cured by a body butter. But make sure to choose one that has Aloe Vera in it and which is really light on the skin.

After-sun cream:

after sun cream

After coming from the sun, our skin need something really hydrating and soothing to combat the sun damage. The after-sun creams or sorbets are a perfect choice to go for in this condition as they hydrates and soothes the skin like no other.

BB Cream:

bb cream

Heavy foundation application can lead to a cakey effect on the skin which is absolutely not desirable especially in summers. BB Creams that provide sheer to medium coverage on the skin are a perfect choice to go for this summer when you are opting for a beach holiday.

Lip Balm:

lip balm

Be it summer or winter, your lips need moisture and hydration throughout. The importance of lip balms on a beach holiday is everlasting as that helps to keep the summer dryness away and you are left with soft and smooth lips.

Heat Protectant Spray:

heat spray

Heat protectant sprays are really important in summer to keep summer heat and sun damage at bay. So now you know the importance of this product other than using heat tools.



Summer Heat and Beach sand both can lead to extreme frizziness of hair which can be tamed by a very deep penetrating conditioner. Always make sure to keep a conditioner handy when opting for a beach holiday during summers.

That’s all folks! Hope you have enjoyed my post.

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