10 Beauty Hacks of Castor Oil You Should Know


10 Beauty Hacks of Castor Oil You Should Know

Hello my dear women!

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If you are given castor oil to be used on your skin and hair, you might not like the idea as it is very sticky and makes tough for you to get rid of it. But today I am going to share some of the hacks that can help you achieve the unthinkable from this oil. This post will change your outlook and knowledge about castor oil, this is a promise J

  1. Castor Oil massage can boost hair growth

Yes. We would have virtually tried everything to boost our hair growth but using warm castor oil can make your follicles open up leading to better circulation and hence growth. This is what is like providing your hair with the necessary anti-clogging which is done by castor oil much easily than any other oil.

  1. Castor Oil is also good to prevent dandruff and whitening hair

Castor oil also works wonders on the hair to treat dandruff and hair whitening.  You can use it with a mask with 1 tablespoon each of castor oil, olive oil and juice of half a lemon. This can be used just half an hour before your usual shampoo and conditioner regime. It is a good mask to treat your hair of dandruff and also bring out the growth.

  1. Castor Oil helps to thicken your hair strands

You can trust the omega 6 and omega 9 fatty acids in castor oil to thicken your hair strands.

  1. Get rid of split ends

You can get rid of your split ends with castor oil’s regular massage.

  1. Elongate your eyelashes

This one sure would be a rage I am sure. You can actually try it on your eye lashes as it is known to extend growth of eye lashes!

  1. Thicken your brows

You can definitely try this safely and see if it can help thicken your eye brows!

  1. It is a good moisturizer

Castor oil is a good solution to dry skin. If you use it in equal proportion with coconut oil and apply on your skin, you can actually feel the difference. Allow it for half an hour on your skin.

  1. Use it against sunburn

Again a mask with coconut oil in equal proportion can help you achieve a lot of respite from sunburn.

  1. Got dry lips? Try Castor oil

Applying castor oil can actually help you win over chapped and dry lips within a few weeks. You can actually moisturize your lips and feel a lot of difference in your lips.

10. It is a skin anti-ageing agent as well

You can actually expect anti-ageing benefits through regular usage of castor oil on your skin. You can mix it with sesame oil or grape seed oil or olive oil and use it on your skin to feel rejuvenated and feel younger for longer time than slated naturally.

I hope you like the benefits I have put forth and some of them are really something astonishing for us to believe. We can and we must begin using it upright and immediately for the wonderful benefits it can bring to us.

Hope to hear back from you on this. Do share your reviews and comments. Also if you have more uses attached to castor oil, please do share.

Rhea 🙂



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