10 Beauty Resolutions To Make For 2016


10 Beauty Resolutions To Make For 2016

Hey pretty girls! With the New Year 2016 approaching, I am sure many of you must have made some resolutions. But let us not forget our skin while deciding on these! Here, we take a look at some beauty resolutions to make for the coming year & more importantly, try to stick to them!

Follow A Consistent Skincare Routine:

It is obvious to be tempted to try on new products as soon as they are launched, but we should take a moment & decide if we actually require them. Sometimes, putting on too many products on the skin does more harm than good. Thus, it is better to keep things simple and only introduce one new thing at a time. Try to find out your HG products & stick to them. You may definitely try on new products but try not to overdo it!


Stop Skipping Sunscreen:

Always put on sunscreen whenever stepping out in the sun. Sun’s harmful rays are always present whenever you move outside. So, it is better to be safe than sorry! Be it any time of the year, wearing a sunscreen is very important. You can either use a moisturizer with built-in sunscreen or put on a separate layer of sunscreen. But make sure you use a quality sunscreen with an appropriate SPF value!


Get Rid Of Expired & Unused Products:

This is something we all should do! We keep on stacking different products which, over time, pass their expiry date & cannot be used anymore. It is always better to throw these away since expired products can harm your skin. Whether it is eyeliners, lipsticks or mascaras, make sure to check the expiry dates before using them. Also check for any kind of smells or color changes, especially for the products stored in jars which are more prone to bacteria.


Stop Picking At Your Skin:

We all tend to touch our face, whether consciously or sub-consciously. However, we do not realize that this spreads bacteria & causes acne & skin breakouts. One should also stop popping pimples & let them pop on their own. Otherwise this could lead to more pimples & even possible scarring.


Stop Sleeping In Makeup:

Your skin tends to repair & replenish itself during the night. Now when you sleep in makeup, it hinders this process, clogs pores & you wake up with fresh breakouts. Hence, always use a quality makeup remover to remove the makeup before going to bed & wash your face with a mild cleanser.


Clean All Your Brushes:

Makeup brushes form an important part of our vanity & I am sure many of us own a lot of makeup brushes. Whether it is a fluffy brush, a blush brush or an eye shadow brush, they all require regular cleaning. The products which we apply with these brushes tend to stick on to their surface & if they are not cleaned up properly at regular intervals, they can spread bacteria. This can cause skin breakouts or leave on a greasy feel. So, it is important to maintain hygiene while using makeup brushes.



We all are aware that a conditioner must be used after shampooing our hair, but many a times we tend to ignore it. Pick a conditioner which suits your hair type & apply regularly after washing your hair. This will help keep your hair soft & smooth.


Moisturize Properly!

Try to keep your skin moisturized & hydrated at all times. In fact, not only our face, but our hands, legs & feet too! Choose a good quality moisturizer as per your skin type & use regularly to keep it soft, supple & nourished.


Take Good Care Of Your Hands, Nails & Feet:

It is important to take care of your hands, nails & feet since they are exposed to dirt & dust at all times. Trim your nails regularly & keep them clean at all times. Use only good quality nail polishes along with a base coat & top coat to keep your nails from getting damaged. Also, take good care of your feet by regularly exfoliating them with a foot scrub & nourishing with a foot cream. You may also soak them in warm water at times to rejuvenate!



Last but not the least, sit back & relax! Your lifestyle affects your skin to a great extent. Drink plenty of water, eat a balanced diet, get proper sleep, exercise well & reduce stress levels.

The autumn flower of sun flare.

Be happy & healthy & say yes to a healthy glowing skin!

What are your beauty resolutions?

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