10 Beauty Secrets You’ll Thank Me For


Beauty secrets…. That’s sounds so interesting? And who doesn’t want to know all the secrets for the PERFECT look. So, just like me I know all of you must be excited.. So let me start 😉

beauty secrets


Get the matte nails look by boiling water in a pan. Just after polishing your nails wave them on the steam while the paint is still wet, this way you can immediately mattify your nails.


  1. these tips r useful Manci :yes: ……bt m a li’l skeptical abt the body lotion for hair tip. Won’t it make hair greasy as I hv super oily hair?

  2. Awesome tips Manci! :yes: I’ve seen a video where this girl was doin a tute on how to curl lashes with a spoon…it looked pretty scary :sweat: After that, i felt metal curlers are less intimidating 😀

  3. nice tips manci.. i have used the tip of body lotion on hair to hold my hair into place .. one more tip.. always keep clear nail paint handy.. if your nylons are abt to tear.. apply clear nail paint along the tear and it wont tear further.. works especially for leggings and stockings

  4. I loved ALL of teh tips except the concealer one – that aint too easy , cause the powder may not mix well , or even if it does , it`ll dry patchy. 😛 But the rest WOW>I learnt so much , keep them coming 😀


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