10 Bengali Actresses With Beautiful Hair



10 Bengali Actresses With Beautiful Hair

“Attired to please herself: no gems of any kind
She wore, nor aught of borrowed gloss in Nature’s stead;
And, then her long, loose hair flung round her head
Fell carelessly behind.”

The hair is said to be the richest ornament of women. Long, beautiful, gleaming, steaming, black, brown or flaxen… I adore hair and that’s what I love in any woman.

So here are beautiful Bengali actresses with sensationally sexy hair.

Suchitra Sen


Suchitra Sen


The actress with the million dollar smile, who ruled the hearts of many during the 50s, 60s and early 70s, had beautiful, gorgeous hair.

Sharmila Tagore


Sharmila Tagore


Filmfare award winner Sharmila Tagore, for almost three decades her locks swept the nation.

Konkona Sen Sharma


Konkona Sen Sharma


This award-winning dusky bong beauty is one of my favorite actresses. Daughter of renowned actress and film maker Aparna Sen, Konkona with her impeccable acting skills has made her place in the film industry. Her raven locks are so lovely with her darker skin tone and she always wears it so beautifully. Whether up or down, her dark locks always look ravishing.

Nandana Sen


Nandana Sen bengali actress


Daughter of noble laureate Amartya Sen and Padma Shri Nabanita DevSen, she is one of the most prominent authors in the contemporary Bengali literature. She is famous for her envious maggie curls which adorns her face and our heart 😀

Nandita Das


Nandita Das bengali actress


Another dusky sultry beauty of Indian cinema, this award-winning actress has the lustrous hair we can only dream of. Though she often keeps her hair mid-length, the quality of the hair which shines with health is beautiful.

Rani Mukherjee


Rani Mukherjee bengali actress


Rani Mukherjee is known for her acting prowess. She made her debut with a Bengali cinema, and I remember how she had attracted me with her thick lustrous hair and eyes. And the shiny, silky, sleek hair which she sports now-a-days swoons me.

Raima Sen


Raima Sen bengali actres


Raima Sen was critically acclaimed for her debut in Godmother. What we love about her is her cute looks and her simple yet buoyant hairstyles.

Indrani Halder


Indrani Halder bengali actress


The noted Bengali actress who has always been known for her gracious roles is now a well known face in the Bengali houses due to the serials and cinemas. She has beautiful eyes, mesmerising smile and stunning hair. No doubt she was chosen as Maa Durga for the Mahalaya shoot.

Rituparna Sengupta


Rituparna Sengupta bengali actress


The bong beauty also sports one of the most desirable manes in Bengali film industry.

June Maliya:


June Maliya bengali actress


Everybody may not know her, but she is a common face in every bong’s family. Thanks to the daily soaps. She has also acted in parallel films and is a member of West Bengal women commission. The best part about her is her gorgeous long hair, and the worst part is her makeup. (No offence meant) 😉

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Gorgeous hair is a statement of style, an affirmation of beauty and an expression of self-love.

There are many in the industry who has gorgeous hair, so let us know your picks as well.

Who is your favorite Bengali actress?

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  1. DId anyone else notice that Indrani Halder is wearing a wig in the second picture? 😛 Lol…but I find non bengali women take better care of their hair… 😛 (esp punjabis…and I~m saying this being a bengali 😛 ) This is a really good post though. ^_^ June has maintained that length for a long long time…


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