10 Best Benefits Of Facial Packs



10 Best Benefits Of Facial Packs

Mankind has been using facial masks as skin care products since ancient times. A face mask isn’t just for adults. Kids and teenagers needs to enjoy some rest and relaxation as well. No wonder our mother used to run after us with bowl of some ubtan. We used to run for life then, shouted at Maa for applying those on our face and body, but it’s now that we could understand and could see the results. I have a pretty healthy skin and never had any pimple, acne problem. (Touch wood)

So today I’ll be discussing about some benefits of facial masks:-

Absorbs excess oils, dirt and toxins

Do you have an oily skin and feel that the oil is enough to make a quick egg fry? Then an oil absorbing face pack is what you need. These kinds of face packs will not only absorb excess oil, but will also remove every bit of dirt and toxins. Go for clay masks. Besan, atta masks are great too.

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Treat and aid dry skin

Hydrating and moisturizing masks work wonder for treating dry skin. I used to have dry skin problem, especially during winters and face masks have helped me a lot to get rid of it. Choose ingredients like yogurt, banana, honey and Aloe Vera to make your own hydrating and moisturizing mask.

Purify and tighten pores

Large and open pores mar the beauty of faces. Large pores can be the result of many factors, like excessive oil secretion, sun damage etc. It is not possible to permanently shrink the sizes of pores overnight, but you can minimize their appearance with the help of face packs. Egg white, tomatoes, orange infused packs are really helpful.

Say good bye to pimples and acnes

Acne and pimples are often caused by dirt clogging our facial pores. The packs allow the pores in the face to be cleansed deeply, getting rid of trapped dirt and oily build up and thus can help reduce or even prevent acne. Look for ingredients like tea tree, neem, haldi in your face masks. They also aid in proper blood circulation.

Removes dead skin

The dead top skin is dull and lusterless and masks help slough off dead skin. Face masks with gentle exfoliating granules help removing dry and dead skin cells. Sugar, sea salt, oatmeal, almond are some ingredients that you can add in your DIY recipes for removing deal cells.


Color Combos Oatmeal Facial Sheet Mask


Defy aging skin

Face packs that are loaded with Vitamin C, anti-oxidants gives skin a even and healthy glow and delay signs of ageing. They minimize the look of fine lines and wrinkles. Choose facial masks rich in Vitamins, anti-oxidants, kojic acid, licorice extract and retinol.

Removes tan

Facial masks aid in brilliant complexion by removing tan. Some face masks are cooling and ideal for sunburn and sensitive skin. Look for yogurt, cucumber, tomato, papaya in your face masks.

Replenish nutrients

Face packs give the nutrients and benefits of natural ingredients and help your skin replenish them. They also repairs and rejuvenates skin, making them healthy and beautiful.


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Imparts a healthy glow

Sometimes I just look at the mirror and feel like my face is dead. But I know what exactly to do at that moment, I head straight to my kitchen, mix some of the ingredients I love and apply evenly on face. Wait for a few minutes and wash off. It helps erase any sign of tired, dull looking skin. My glow comes back in minutes.

Removes black heads and white heads and other impurities

Face masks, especially peel off masks work wonders to remove blackhead and whiteheads.

Face masks are very relaxing. You skin and body needs a time out, so apply face packs, put on some nice music and have some fun time pampering yourself.

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