10 Best Bollywood Makeovers



10 Best Bollywood Makeovers

Makeovers!!!! What is the first thing that strikes your mind when you hear the word MAKEOVER???

A new haircut, a change in dressing style, getting a surgery done for better features, shedding the flabs to look fab, etc etc. Well I am sure any of such thing must have striked your mind too.

Are you someone who hates the very sight of your nerdy high school look or repent the day when you uploaded a picture of yourself five years back with all the geeky makeup on??? If so, then you are no different than me and many more like us.

Makeover is a part of our life, as we truly say “Change Is Must”. It is not that we looked bad in our high school days, it is just that we have improved the way we look now and I bet click a picture of your today and compare yourself three years later with that picture, am sure you are then gonna love the three year forward look. Of course here at wiseshe we keep getting so much of great tips, nice reviews that aid in our lovely makeovers and this is why I just got myself into a blind bet.

Same is the case our bollywood divas, they too have had their share of makeovers. Some makeover turned out great and some were a huge bummer. Today we shall have a look at some of our bollywood divas who have had makeovers and those makeovers worked in their favors and now in present they look immensely beautiful:

Shilpa Shetty


Shilpa Shetty


There could not have been a better start of list. We all love Shilpa Shetty for the perfect body that she has but do you remember the way she used to look in her earlier career days. In her first movie Baazigar she looked like a very general face and not anything so wow. Shilpa realized this very early and worked on her grooming and also got a nose job done and ever since there was no looking back and she just kept on looking beautiful and more beautiful.

Shilpa is sporting enough and always openly accepted that she has taken help of cosmetic surgery to look the way how she does.

Kareena Kapoor


Kareena Kapoor


Remember Kareena in her debut movie “Refugee”, if not, then please Google it and have a look.

She has changed over the years and also taken some surgical assistance though she never accepted it. She also worked on her body and ditched the plum image that she had. Also I would like to give a special mention to her makeup sense now, in earlier days she just did not knew what really worked for her.

Priyanka Chopra


Priyanka Chopra


The miss world 2000, Priyanka Chopra, was never considered as a born beauty. But if she won Miss World then she sure was beautiful then but not as beautiful as she is today.

Priyanka too never accepted about her going under the knives, but if we take note of her present and past pictures, then we can very easily trace the evident lip and nose jobs done. Also her dressing sense has improved a lot which also adds to her gorgeous looks. She had no god father and has managed her way from a rising star to a super star all her by her own grooming and hard work.

Vidya Balan


Vidya Balan


“Hum Paanch tadarraaa Hum Paanch”…. Okay stop wondering now, nothing has happened to me, I was just recalling the old TV show Hum Paanch’s jingle. I was really fond of that show and when I saw Vidya Balan in her debut movie “Parineeta”, it was very hard for me to believe that it was Vidya from Hum Paanch.

She really worked a lot on herself and got a perfect makeover for her debut. I also appreciated her makeover when she lost a few pounds and looked gorgeous in western attires too.

But this is not is, I hope Vidya reads it, there is way to go and a lot of more makeover required.





Though India is full of fan of Kajol but honestly I never liked her. I seriously do not like people who take themselves for granted and just do not work for their betterment. If you are given a body, a career that earns you many bucks then why not consider working it all upon yourself. Those bushy joint eyebrows and frizzy hair were not likeable at all, but she never seemed to be bothered about it.

Kajol took whole of her career with a tom boy image and then got married to Ajay Devgan. And then the story changed, motherhood transformed the Kajol tom boy story; she had some tremendous makeover and wow.

The reckless Tom Boy actress is now transformed to an elegant lady who is a wife and a mother.

Karishma Kapoor


karishma kapoor


Are you shocked to see her name in the list? After all she looks no less than a diva. But this was not all from the beginning. Karishma Kapoor who now looks classy, sophisticated and fits in the yummy mummy image effortlessly, was not like this in her earlier career days.

Those bushy eyebrows, weird dressing sense (weird may sound rude, but I could not think of a better word at the moment) and not so flattering makeup, were a trademark of Karishma then. But gladly Manish Malhotra came to her rescue and gave us our gorgeous diva.





Age is just a number for this gorgeous actress and she looks very gorgeous even at this age. But the story was different in her 20s. She got a huge transformation from then to today. Of course Rhinoplasty is the major tool that got her such a huge makeover.

Alia Bhatt


Alia Bhatt


How cute is she!!!! I have seen all her movies and am really fond of her.

But what if she was not conscious enough to get herself a makeover before her debut, oh in that case I would not have got a cute actress who I am fond of.  Karan Johar takes all the credit here for getting us a transformed Alia Bhatt with a lot of lost pounds and some good makeup.





Look at the picture!!! You are not going to believe that Rekha looked this.  Jaws dropped in shock??? Well I too had same reaction when I came across this picture of her’s.

Thank god that “MAKEOVERS” existed and it is only the makeovers that got us this gorgeous ageless beauty. Rekha surely has managed a long way.

Kangana Ranaut




Remember when Kangana Ranaut when she had those extra sharp eye brows, which looked artificial & odd and that frizzy hair are unforgettable. But this all her old story and the present is much more beautiful.

She now has learned to manage her gorgeous curly locks, nicely shaped brows and yes a lip job that added oomph to her look.

Well these were some beauties who have had makeovers that worked in their favors.

Do you have a makeover story of your own? Share your story with us!

I too have worked to groom myself & I know there is still a long way to go and also took orthodontic treatment. It really helped me improve the way my face looked and of course working on my hair & skin too is a part of my makeover over the years.

Who is your favorite bollywood celebrity?

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  1. It wasnt just d motherhood dat transformed Kajol.. It was Ajay’s affair wid Kanagana dat did d miracle 😉 strange r d ways of d world..

  2. I loved Kareena’s makeover..she is classy now..and I was equally astonished to see Vidya in Parineeta bcz I had played her character in a skit performed by few of my teenaged friends for a society event! 🙂

  3. Alia Bhatt n Vidya Balan should be appreciated coz dey haven’t gone under the knife for transformation…..I should thank wiseshe for my present skin n hair status…..Aishwarya n Katrina kaif also went under d knife…..


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