10 Best Busy Mom Beauty Tips



10 Best Busy Mom Beauty Tips

Of all the gifs that life has to offer, being a mother is the greatest of them all. But motherhood brings in lots and lots of responsibilities. Whether you are a working woman or a house-maker, being a mom is itself a full-time job. From a housekeeper, chef, mentor, guide, teacher, nurse, coach, chauffer to story teller, monster killer, planner, organizer, and what not.


beauty tips for busy mom


As busy mothers they are always pressed for time, so a quick and easy beauty routine is a must.

Don’t miss the CTM routine

Even the quickest of this routine can make all the difference. Do this on a regular basis you will be sure to have healthy and clear skin. Instead of face wash use a cleansing milk.

Choose products according to your skin type and age

Whether you want to go all natural or want a products from market, look for ingredients that will help you retain and restore the radiant youthful glow. Look for products containing Vitamin C, anti-oxidants, alpha hydroxy acids and glycolic acids. These will save you from severe dryness and signs of ageing.



maybelline instant age rewind concealer review


Invest in a good quality concealer to conceal all those sleepless nights you spend changing your baby’s nappy or looking after ailing family member or with piles of office files. Use the concealer to hide the dark circles and bags that will make you look fresh and awake. Concealers can help hide all spots, blemishes and other signs of aging as well.


Do regular, quick and simple pumice stone scrubbing each morning in the shower. Once you step out and dry off, apply a moisture cream to your feet. This will save the time and effort of long pedicure sessions.



Batiste Dry Shampoo For Dark Hair


Being a busy mom it may not be possible to wash hair every alternate day. Keep dry shampoos handy.

A good haircut

Opt for an easy haircut that can be air-dried and that would look good even if you don’t have time to style. Go for lazers and steps with volumes on side. You can also opt for a highlight or color to add some edge to your beauty.



must have supplements for women health


Consult your doc and start taking Vitamin C, Vitamin E and Calcium supplements. Vitamins are substances our body can’t make, so supplements help to boost energy, slow down the effects of ageing and reduce the risk of chronic disease.

Facial masks

They are very effective and easy to use too. You can do all household chores after applying the mask and just wash it afterwards. It is great if you can prepare your own mask with ingredients your skin and you love. But to save that time you can go for over-the-counter products for quick clean and fresh feel.



Lancome Hypnose Doll Lashes Mascara So Black


Make your eyes look open and attractive with coats of your favorite mascara. A simple mascara can make all the difference.

Eat well

What goes inside shows outside. Proper and healthy diet with lots of fruits and vegetables in different colors can help you in a glowing skin and healthy body.

I know there are lots of things that worry them, but worrying and stress can never be the solutions. So keep yourself stress free as much as you can and keep loving, keep motivating, keep inspiring us.

Do you have more beauty tips to share?

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