10 Best Buys For Your Oily Skin


10 Best Buys For Your Oily Skin

Hello Everyone,

Today I am sharing a compilation of some of the great skincare & makeup products which are specially formulated to meet the needs of oily skin. Oily skin has its own demerits and to take care such type of skin becomes really important, as generally oily skin is sensitive and more prone to skin issues.

Here are ten product suggestions which are considered some of the best products for oily skin. If you are constantly worried about what products to use for your oily skin, this post is going to help you a lot.

L’oreal Paris Base Magique Transforming Smoothing Primer

Price– INR 875 for 15ml


A great primer which help s in reducing the pore size and appearance of fine lines for the smooth makeup application. It is surely a great buy for the oily skinned beauties as it is going to make the makeup last longer along with reducing the skin pores so as to put the makeup look intact.

Clinique Dramatically Different Moisturizing Gel For Oily To Oily Skin

Price– INR 1500 for 50m


The oil-free moisture  by Clinique to maintain optimal moisture balance for oily skin. Those who have an oily T-zone or oily all over, this is probably the best answer to their skin woes. The oil-free formulation softens and improves the skin.

Lotus Herbal Safe Sun UV Screen Matte Gel SPF 50

Price– INR 285 for 50g


Sunscreen is essential for any type of skin and choosing a sunscreen for oily skin is surely a hard task but this gel based sunscreen is so light that it almost vanishes from your skin and leaves a great matte feel. This is particularly formulated for the oily skinned beauties to get rid of the layer of oil on the face with a sunscreen.

Lakme Mattreal Skin Natural Mousse

Price– INR 550 for 25g


Makeup woes are quite similar to the skincare woes for oily skin and so this product is just a great option for all those oily skins as it doesn’t makes the face too greasy and blends like a dream giving a decent coverage to the face without the excess oil creating a shiny face look.

If you have oily skin or combination skin then it  will come out great and look very natural as if you are not wearing anything.

Clean and Clear Deep Action Oil Control Face Wash

Price– INR 85 for 80ml


A gentle and effective face wash for all those oily skin who need to get rid of the excess sebum from the skin without drying the skin much. Its breakthrough Rice Extract Oil Absorbing System is proven to control oil effectively throughout the day to keep skin oil-free for up to 8 hours.This face wash instantly leaves your skin ultra clean and fresh.

Clinique Clarifying Lotion-Type 3 for Combination Oily Skin

Price- INR 1200 for 200 ml

Clinique Clarifying Lotion-Type 3 for Combination Oily Skin Review+skin care

One of the renowned brands of medicated skincare products, Clinique comes up with a unique formulation for combination oily skin in a 3tep action of Cleansing, exfoliating & moisturization. It is a gentle and smoothing formula for the clogged pores and gives a clear complexion.

Dove Go Fresh Face wash with Orange oil

Price- INR 70 for 50g


A proper skincare regime with the best possible products is really essential to take care of skin in a healthy way. This face wash contains the goodness of citrus orange oil which effectively removes sebum & greasy layer from the skin. The refreshing orange fruit fragrance elevates your senses.

Nivea Visage Oil Regulating Toner

Price– INR 149 for 125ml

nivea toner

Proper toning is a key to major skin problems which the sebum glands may cause on the skin. To fight with this issue, Nivea’s oil regulating toner is formulated for the gentle toning of the without drying it much. It leaves the skin dry and matte by removing the shiny oil layer.

Neutrogena Oil Free Acne Wash

Price– INR 332 for 175ml


A must have product for acne prone oily skin is this face wash from Neutrogena. It leaves the skin clean and pulls out all the oil & dirt from the epidermis, giving a clean skin. The skin remains supple as it doesn’t strips off the natural sebum and is gentle on the skin.

Shahnaz Husain Shaclove Cream for Pimple Prone Skin

Price– INR 450 for 25g


A unique formulation by Shahnaz Husain is this cream which works in reducing the pimples and effectively clearing them within a night usage. This cream is a great option for those who have oily skin as they are more prone to pimples due to excess secretion of oil which tends to clog the pores and result in a pimple. It is surely a must try product for all the oily skin beauties.

Well, these were some of the suggestions regarding what products to try out to actually save your oily skin and take proper care of it.

Have you tried these products for Oily Skin?

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  1. I have oily skin and have used the dove face wash go fresh with citrus sadly it doesnt do anything in terms of oil control my skin is back to its oily self in 15 mins post wash so i switched to aha glow facewash . Aha glow is much better at oil control atleast for me this one works.

    • Oh sad that it didn’t work for you Chaithra..actually it did work for my sisy in law so i included it in the list!
      Haven’t tried the AHA glow one..thanks for the suggestion! 🙂


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