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Maybelline CLEARGLOW ALL IN ONE Fairness Compact Powder 02 Nude Beige Review


This compact by Maybelline is a better product to their previous Maybelline Whitestay UV Fairness Compact Powder in many ways. Let’s find out…

  • Price: Rs. 175
  • Quantity: 9 g/0.32 oz

Maybelline clear glow compact reviews+Maybelline CLEARGLOW ALL IN ONE Fairness Compact Powder 02 Nude Beige Review

Physicians Formula Mineral Glow Pearls Compact: Review, Swatches


  • Price:  $13.95
  • Quantity: 0.28oz


I admit it wasn’t what I expected it to me. I thought it was a bronzer but it turned out to be a highlighter..hehe…But I must say that even then it doesn’t disappoint. Even as a highlighter it’s really nice and my face glows subtely when applied. Attimes, I just swirl once and brush lightly over my entire face and I love the subtle glow that it imparts. I also use it on the bridge of my nose, the high points of my cheeks and the middle of my forehead for a sleek look. For those of you who have never tried a highlighter, I’d just like to say, ‘Pls don’t underestimate its effects.’ It may not make an obvious and visual difference like blushes and contour powders, but it makes the face look sleeker, sharper and overall glowy!


Physicians-Formula-Mineral-Glow-Pearls-compact review


Faces Canada Compact Review


  • Price – Rs 349
  • Features :-Vitamin E enriched
  • Provides a luminious look and natural matt finish
  • Light weight formula for extra creamy texture , offer uniform coverage.
  • How to use Compact – Apply powder and blend it uniformy with the help of applicator over your face in a downward direction.Follow the direction of your facial hair so that you get the most even application.


Faces canada compact reviews


COLORBAR Time Plus Compact Powder Review


Its my first colorbar product!! and  I  love it!!!HeartIts price is 150INR. Which is very much affordable for newbies like me.. Smile
It comes with a soft white applicator(don’t know what to call it!! ) which is pretty well too and doesn’t get dirty at all..I have been using this one for past two months everyday.It gives a very good matte effect even without any base.I don’t do heavy makeup to college.its just my sunscreen and the colorbar compact and it works for me

The packaging is good too DanceDance It comes in all silver packaging and has a mirror inside too…



Dior Snow White Reveal Uv Shield Compact Makeup Spf 30 Review


A great product from the House of Dior, the Dior Snow White Reveal Makeup remains my all-time personal favorite. Coming with a SPF 30, it is great for day wear. Easy to use and very hassle free, you will not take time to have a flawless look especially in the morning rush hours. Dior snow has skin brightening effects, so in reality a little goes a long way. Nice packaging with a good quality mirror and snap case- easy to carry in your bag- no accidents!


  • Price: £35.5 House of Fraser, UK (it is now available in Shopper’s Stop)
  • Net Weight: 10 grams/ 0.35 OZ






Lakme Nine to Five Flawless Creme Compact (Marble) Review


God has made me cry finding a perfect foundation! And with this cream compact I had a horrible experience! I was checking out the new look of the season in Lakme  website where I found models wearing cream compact were looking so fresh, so dewy that I was tempted to buy it. You know in winters, skin become so dry! I felt in love with the dewy makeup of Lakme model Amrit and grabbed this cream compact next day..


Lakme compact foundation reviews




Oriflame Very Me No Time For Shine Powder Review


  • Quantity: 9 gms
  • Price: 249 INR (I got it for 179 )
  • Shades available:Oriflame Very Me Matte Light, Oriflmae Very me Matte Latte
  • Packaging:Doesn’t the packaging look super cute? The compact pan is housed in a clear plastic casing and the puff is visible through the lid. Frankly, it felt so fragile that I always carried it in a padded pouch. I had dropped it when I was in a tearing hurry and was pretty sure it had shattered to smithereens. I picked it up and was shocked to find that the powder hadn’t cracked. The lid had come off from its hinge but all I had to do was click it back into place and it was fine… Phew! But after some time the pan decided it has had enough and left home. I mean…the steel pan dislodged itself from the plastic casing! So this packaging is good for those who buy refills since they can easily stick it into the empty case


Veyr-me-compact-Oriflame-reviews+Oriflame very me compact reviews



About  Bourjois Pastel Teint Essnetial Pressed Powder Claims:-


  • This compact powder easily glides onto skin
  • Gives the benefit of loose powder in delivering fine, translucent finish
  • Helps even out your complexion
  • Contains moisturizing agents that keep skin hydrated Leaves a perfectly smooth & natural appearance
  • Oil-free & non-comedogenic.
  • You are sure to enjoy this top quality product and experience the ultimate in makeup satisfaction.


  • Price:I am not too sure, but I think it was around 400-500 bucks.
  • Quantity:15g


Pressen-powder-Bourjois-pastel +Bourjois pressed powder pastel reviews


Maybelline Dream Matte Powder Review


  • Price:  475INR
  • Quantity:  9gms
  • Coverage: Its a really good formula which mattifies my skin perfectly. I use it alone or even to set my foundation. I also use it with the Maybelline Dream Liquid Mousse Foundation and for touch ups as well.





Collection 2000 Shimmering Glow Powder 5 Sunkissed Review


This bronzer reached me by chance and there is a small story behind it.A month back I went shopping with my husband and was looking for a compact.As this compact like product looked nice I picked it up in hurry and didn’t even notice its name or checked with SA about it.My husband wanted me to hurry up things(Like most husband do Razz  )so I quickly paid for it and when I reached home I was quite disappointed to find that instead of a compact its a bronzer. After few days I thought of trying it out and to my surprise it is actually a beautiful product.


Collection 2000 Shimmering Glow Powder 5 Sunkissed Review


  1. Thanks for the review, I have been using Chambor for 7 years. Nothing beats it in terms of foundation, compact, or eye shadows.. Their eye pencils are not great.. I love chambor.. Loyal customer.

  2. Compact powder list is really useful!!!

    Ana added to that, could you please suggest me the best/good compact powder to use, currently I am using Lakme Perfect Radiance, but I don’t think its too good when compared to Revlon ….

  3. Hy can you please suggest me which face compact should I use for getting a fairer and a glowy skin….the product should be of good quality..

  4. hey, hiiii!plz suggest me which compact is good 4 my skin i hve combine skin i want 2 get my skin fair glowing sweat free long lasting compact powdet. plz plz plz suggest me fast.

  5. I am having two question.Can powder be used alone?and what kind of shades should I choose?I read that we should wear a compact one shade darker than our skin tone.Is it true?Please help me out

    • Compacts can work very well using alone. As for me I’ve oily skin It gives me shine free matte look which I desire. Result will be vary depending your skin type. I don’t bother to use it along with foundation as it sweat a lot & trust me compacts do cover your spots too. 2nd question No You shouldn’t & I haven’t heard it before. You should use mostly one or rarely two shade lighter one for the perfect coverage. Hope this will be helpful.

  6. Hi,

    Can anyone help me choosing right compact??

    I have very dry skin. I have used lakme 9 to 5 compact but it’s make my skin more dry.Not happy with lakme absolute dry and wet compact too.


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