10 Best Facial Primers Available In India


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Primers are the base of makeup. Like every building needs a good base to be strong and long lasting, our makeup needs a base to be long lasting and to look good on our face. But very few people knew about the importance of this essential makeup product till some time back but thanks to Youtube and Beauty Blogs in India, many people have an idea about it. Though Aloe Vera gel is considered to be a natural primer by many (which also works), it holds on to your makeup for a short period of time.

Moreover, if your skin is oily or sweaty, it won’t be able to hold on for long. When you are heading towards some marriage party or some full-day long events, you need your makeup to be in place the whole day which only Aloe Vera can do. So here comes the need of some professional and good primers. Though nowadays a number of primers are available in the market, there are some which are the best. Compiling our 10 Best Primers available in India.


10 Best Primers Available in India

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price: 675 INR for 30 gms. You can get the same from Amazon Here

Lotus Herbals is a 100% Vegetarian brand that manufactures some great and user-friendly products. The primer is one in their EcoStay Range and it gives a smooth base to the makeup. The primer is made of some natural ingredients that help in keeping the skin healthy as well. This is a good option when you are looking for a good but herbal primer.

price: 3299 INR for 30 ml. You can get the same from Amazon Here

MAC Prep and prime face protect protection visage SPF 50 reviews+Mac Face and prime

Mac Prep and prime is a really popular product from the house of Mac. This primer is infused with SPF 50 so no need to apply any separate sunscreen. This primer, as the name suggests, preps up your skin for the makeup you are going to put after.

Price: 825 for 30 ml. You can get same on Amazon at discount Here


Colorbar Perfect Match primer is a dermatologically tested primer that is suitable for all skin types. This oil-free primer has silicon base to give out a smooth and even finish to the makeup. It makes the makeup really long lasting and obviously, is a perfect match for your skin.

Price: 995 INR for 15 ml. You can get the same on Amazon Here

L'oreal magic perfecting base face primer review

Loreal Paris Base Magique Primer is a really good primer that has silicone to keep your makeup in place. This primer is absolutely suitable for all skin types and doesn’t clog pores.

  • Lakme Absolute Blur Perfect Primer

price: 650 INR for 30 ml. You can get the same on Amazon Here

lakme absolute blur primer

This is the only primer that is available from the brand Lakme. This primer, like the name suggests, blurs out the imperfection in your skin and make it look perfect. It hides little blemishes and spots and gives an even canvas for the foundation.


  • Miss Claire Studio Perfect Professional Make Up Primer

price: 549 INR for 30 ml. You can get the same from Amazon Here

miss claire primer

Miss Claire is an Indian brand that is going very high these days. They have a very wide range of products which are pocket-friendly too. From their lip creams to eye shadows too, this primer is a really a hit. If you are wondering where to find Miss claire products, check the post Here


price: 791 INR for 20 ml. You can get the same from Amazon Here

Maybelline Baby Skin Instant pore eraser

This is a great primer for oily skin people who have large pores issue. Though the availability is a little bit difficult than other products in the list, you can surely find it in any Maybelline counter or online. This helps to make pores visibility zero which is a big yay for someone with pores issue.

price: 1495 INR for 27 ml. You can get the same on Amazon Here

Revlon Photoready Color Correcting Primer Review+revlon photoready primer

This primer from Revlon is under their Photo ready range. This helps the makeup to be at the place for a very long period of time so that you can be photo ready throughout the day. This also evens out imperfections and redness and makes the face look fresh.

Price: 439 INR for 30 ml. You can get the same on Amazon Here

 Primer makeup India

Getting Oriflame products is a hassle but nowadays, you can find them online. This Beauty perfecting makeup base from Oriflame is a perfect match to the foundation routine. A perfect match for the skin to clear out pores and make skin look healthy and fresh.

Price: 2499 INR for 30 ml. You can get the same on Amazon Here

NYX Studio Perfect Photo-Loving Primer in Lavender Review +cosmetics


NYX Studio Perfect Primer is a high-end primer but is surely worth of every penny paid. This is in the shade Lavender and is a perfect base for the makeup. You can definitely choose your shade accordingly to the skin.

Watch the video on Office Makeup Here

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