10 Best Hair Care Products


10 Best Hair Care Products


Good hair care products have immense importance for all especially us girls who love to pamper their manes. It is essential to choose the correct product as per your hair type. We have compiled some great products so that you can take your pick easily.

Dandrop Lotion Shampoo

Price- INR 130


best shampoo for dandruff


It cleans dandruff effectively. The shampoo has a very pleasant smell. This is Silicone free and contains D-panthenol and P-collagen which are good for hair. It is easily available in big medical shops. The packaging is small and travel friendly.

SESA Vita Protein Shampoo

Price- INR 59


best hair shampoo india


Sesa is one of those brands whose products actually work. This shampoo contains natural botanical and vita proteins for healthy looking, strong and flexible hair. It makes hair shiny and silky smooth. It has thick consisitency and nice smell. This affordable and effective shampoo contains wheat germ, green apple and pro-vitamin.

Argan De Luxe Shampoo

Price- INR 800 for 300 ml


best hair products for women


This shampoo comes in a sleek pump bottle packaging which is convenient to use. This shampoo cleanses the hair well without weighing them down. It improves the texture of hair and makes them darker. Hair becomes smooth and manageable. It reduces the frizz and makes hair more lush. The shampoo will suit all hair types.

Matrix Opticare Intense Smoothing Hair Mask

Price- INR 575


smoothing hair products


It makes hair soft, shiny and well-conditioned. The texture is very creamy and thick and it spreads easily. The tub lasts quite long as little quantity is required. It has a nice mild fragrance. Tames frizzy hair without greasiness. It is affordable and lasts for a long time. It moisturises hair very well.

L’oreal Professionnel Force Vector Glycocell Masque

Price- INR 600



hair mask for hair fall


This masque with creamy consistency spreads easily on hair and is easy to wash off. The fragrance is pleasant and lingers in hair. It tames frizzy, dry hair without weighing them down. . It has makes hair very soft and lustrous. It is very moisturizing. It even adds a bit of a shine to hair and they actually feel so much stronger. It reduces hair breakage considerably. A little product goes a long way.

Zenith Nutrition Hair Fab Dietary Supplement

Price- INR 1920


hair growth supplements


Though the product may seem expensive, it works fabulously. It makes hair grow faster and our Tarunpreet’s hair grew at the speed of 1″ per month. It also spurts growth of new hair. It contains Biotin, which makes the hair strands thicker. It also contains pyridoxine, vitamin B12, folic acid and many other anti-oxidants and minerals etc. Zenith Nutrition is one of the most trusted brand in hair care. It is a capsule so there is no bad medicinal taste.

Livon Hair Gain Tonic

Price- INR 600


livon hair gain


It is a product of very well known brand. Livon tonic controls hair fall and increases hair growth. It moisturizes scalp and hair. Helps in reducing dandruff too. Useful for both male and female. It doesn’t make your hairs oily at all. The tonic smells good too. Even if you don’t suffer from hair fall problem, you can use it for increasing your hair growth. It comes in a hygienic nozzle packaging.

Dove Hair Elixir Rose And Almond Hair Fall Control Oil

Price- INR 185


best hair oil


This affordable hair oil is a hot favourite of many. The texture is very light but only a little oil is needed for each use. It can be used as a pre-shampoo treatment and also after shampoo at the tips of hair to smoothen them. It keeps hair tangle free and reduces breakage. It smells of roses and almonds and is not bothersome. The packaging is lovely and hygienic.

L’oreal Paris Total Repair 5 Instant Smoothing and Nourishing Oil Serum

Price- INR 220


hair serum


This serum with runny consistency detangles washed hair and saves combing time and effort. Adds shine to hair without being oily. It makes hair soft and does not weigh them down. It also works for dry hair and manages frizz. Only a few drops are needed so one bottle lasts long.

Streax Pro Vita Gloss Hair Serum

Price- INR 160


hair serum india

By a simple touch-up with this indulgent serum, you can be assured of locks that have a nice and healthy glossy shine throughout the day. It has nice fruity smell. It provides glossy texture to hair. Controls the frizz and detangles hair perfectly. It is easily available and economical. The packaging is convenient and travel friendly.

Which is your favourite hair care  product?

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