10 Best Hairstyles Of Jennifer Aniston


10 Best Hairstyles Of Jennifer Aniston


Jennifer Aniston is a Hollywood veteran and I find her to be a hairstyle veteran as well. She is a trendsetter and here are some of her best hairdos-

Bang On


jennifer aniston bangs

I luvvvd her in The Horrible Bosses. She made the hottest boss and obviously the hottest doctor. Her bangs gave her a sultry look.



jennifer aniston curls

These are Ana curls. Jennifer looks gorgeous in her loose curls. The flowing hair give her an ethereal style.



jennifer aniston bun

As the mess is hot so is the chignon. The cute, little side chignon is easy to carry. You can replicate this look easily and it will be done in a jiffy.

Side Fringe


jennifer aniston hair
Now this is another amazing look that definitely adds to her chiselled looks. This hair cut is very suitable for big forehead as well as for heart shaped faces.

Braided Hairband


jennifer aniston hairstyle

Its an amazing way to sport the braid trend if you don’t want to go the full way. Braid keeps your hair secure and makes them look classy.



jennifer aniston best hairstyles

Teased hair tied up in a pony look nice. Side parting with an ironed fringe is perfect to style up a pony.


jennifer aniston hairstyles

Jennifer is the girl who made layers popular. Layers obviously look amazing on her. Take some inspiration from the trendsetter.

Long Bob


jennifer aniston haircut

Another hair cut that was made popular by Jennifer herself. The look suits her to the T.

Messy Bob


best jennifer aniston hairstyles

If you want to sport your bob a little differently then this is the way to go. Some texture will really lift your hair.

The Braid



jennifer aniston braid

And here comes the braid again. This is the simplest way to sport a braid. Try it with either centre or side parting. Layered hair carry this look even better.

Which is you r favorite hair style of Jennifer Aniston?

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