10 Best Hairstyles Of Kangana Ranaut


10 Best Hairstyles Of Kangana Ranaut


You name it and she has done it and I’m not talking about Kangana’s roles in the movies. The topic of discussion here is the mane of the actress who is reveling in her new-found success.
She has super curly hair and she does not shy away from showing it off. More than that she is fond of experimenting with her hairdos.

She has sported a variety of hairstyles courtesy her army of hairstylists and her daring nature. Here are a few of her amazing hairdos-

Half Up Half Down


best kangana ranaut hairstyles

Now this is Kangana’s take on the classic half up hairstyle. Her hairdo is a great combination of curly and straight. Love it.

Hair Glory


kangana ranaut haircut

This is Kangana’s hair in its full glory. Many girls covet this style and she has got it naturally. I must say that she maintains it really well.

Retro Hair


kanagana ranaut bun hairstyle

Kangana brings back the retro glam with this high bouffant. The bangs add more character to her style.

Curly Bun


kangana ranaut bun hairstyle

Take notes girls, this hairdo is awesome. All her maggi-hair in a cute bun. Very pretty.

Faux Bob


kangana ranaut best hairstyle

Or is it a wig? Whatever it is, it looks amazing. Her messy bob is a sure head turner.



kangana ranaut hair

I believe that similar hairdo was sported by yesteryear actress Parveen Babi in one of her movies. Kangana’s glam gold replica is hot.

More Experiment


kangana ranaut bun

Her hair have been pulled back in quite a twisted snake-like bun. She looks killer here.

Lethal Combo


kangana ranaut bob

Her voluminous bob combined with bangs is an amazing way to spice up a look. This again can be a wig but who cares?



kangana ranaut best hairstyles

A colourful scarf can make simple open-hair look cute and done-up. This is something that can be easily followed.

Shiny Locks


kangana ranaut hairstyle

She has ‘straightened’ her curls here. I say straight as her hair definitely looks straight compared to her natural ringlets. Right amount of shine has made her look glamorous.

Which is your favorite hair style of Kangana Raunat?

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  1. She is definitely one of the most stylish people v hv in d industry.. ๐Ÿ™‚ I luvd all her hairstyles but agree wid Madhu about the makeup on ‘curly bun’.. ๐Ÿ˜‰ Thanks for sharing Maitri ๐Ÿ™‚

  2. Not only is she a wonderful actress, she’s got tremendous character too. They show through in your pix! Wonderful compilation maitri


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