10 Best Hairstyles Of Kareena Kapoor


10 Best Hairstyles Of Kareena Kapoor


Kareena Kapoor is not known for being experimental with her hair. But she looks so damn gorgeous all the time that I had to compile some of her different hairstyles. It was quite a task as compared to other divas. Take a look and make your opinions-

Messy Braid



kareena kapoor hairstyle

This twisted messy braid looks amazing on her. It is a great hairstyle if you don’t have much time for styling your hair.

Simple Bun



kareena hairstyles

Kareena looks chic in this high bun. Lots of volume on top makes her chiselled face look even better. And that single tendril is pretty.

Sleek hair



kareena kapoor hairstyle in heroine

Her hair is slick here but not flat and boring. She looks way younger and cute in this hairdo.

Side Pony



best kareena hairstyles

Tonged hair tied into a side pony is an amazing way to glam up any look. Kareena clinches this look perfectly and looks stunning.

Simple Blow Dry



best kareena kapoor hairstyles

This is the hairstyle which Kareena sports most often. Her go-to hairstyle suits her to the T.

Ethnic Cool



kareena kapoor hairstyles

Decorating her hair with flowers gives her simple bun a beautiful twist. Centre parting and tight bun is common but flowers take it up many notches.

The Pouf



kareena kapoor hairdos

I love this style on her. This is one of her most experimental hairdos. I must say that she should experiment more often.

Hair Shine



kareena kapoor haircut

Hair straightened to perfection hair look amazing on her. Tightly pulled back hair on top suit her more because of her small forehead.

Beachy Waves



kareena kapoor hair

Kareena looks divine in this hairstyle. Loose and flowing curls can be her new go-to hairstyle. Super chic but still carefree kind of look.

Voluminous Pony



kareena hairstyles

Teased hair on the top is a good hairstyle and is also easy to do. Her hair look thick here and the hair used as hair elastic is an instant glam up tip any day.

Which is your favourite hairstyle of Kareena Kapoor?

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  1. She rocks any look with her confidence n attitude :yes: Loved the messy braid n outfit n accessories in that look….very summer-ish! Lovely compilation Maitri 🙂

  2. all style of kareena is beautiful . I m very big fan of her … and most beautiful hairstyles of her is pof .. I love you Kareena


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