10 Best Hairstyles Of Kim Kardashian


Best Kim Kardashian Hairstyles


The contouring queen Kim is also high on experimenting with her hair. Love her or hate her but girls you can’t ignore her. She keeps coming up with amazing styles. After our own divas, take a look at some experimental and chic hairdos of the glamorous KimK.

Decorated Pony



kim kardashian hair

Pony is considered to be the commoner’s style but Kim does not make it look ordinary. She has decorated hers with some amazing chains to give herself a chic and stylish look. Also don’t miss the hair-strand covering her hair elastic.



kim kardashian haircut

She bleached her hair but again came out a winner. This shade is not suitable for every skin tone but Kim sure makes it work for her with her trademark nude makeup.

Complete makeover


kim kardashian hairstyles

I don’t know the name of this style but do know that it is common among the people of African descent. Kim again showed her daring side by sporting this hairdo made up of scores of braids.

Full On Bangs


kim kardashian hairstyles bangs

She covered her big forehead with thick bangs and we are not complaining. She looks drop dead gorgeous here. Here hair is shining and so is she.

Blown Hair


best hairstyles of kim kardashian

Here Kim sports her lustrous hair after a nice blow-dry. Her hair looks thick, wild and that side fringe is just perfect.

Straight Out


hairstyle of kim kardashian

Her hair looks great even when she has straightened it to the limit of going flat. Her hair is complimenting her face here.

The Braid


kim kardashian hairstyles braid

Even the style diva couldn’t resist the charm of boho-braid. She has got it done perfectly and looks amazing. The bangs have been curled backwards to make her look effortless.

The Evening Bun


kim kardashian hairstyles bun

Kim’s updo is perfect for a cocktail party or just any other formal event. Bangs frame her forehead and give her a soft look here.



kim kardashian hairdo

She is rocking this retro hairdo. The style of 60s looks so contemporary and makes her look edgy. Her sharp features are not hurting the eyes. Perfect for the retro lovers.

Go High


kim kardashian best hairstyles

She has gone really high this time. We all have seen Ana looking absolutely stunning in this hairstyle. All you need is oodles of style and some hair-tricks to rock this hairdo.

Which is your favorite hairstyle of Kim K?

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  1. Okies confession time – I was never a fan of hers 😉 however, I have started appreciating her style more now bcos of wiseshe and such amazing posts.. Thanks Maitri 🙂 love all her styles except d third.. :-/

    BTW, when I had longer hair, I used to wear the same chains in the same way as she wearing in d first pic 😉 I need to grow my hair back 🙁

  2. Cornrows is the style you were unable to name, it’s a very typical hairstyle for Black-Americans and looks great on them!
    I love this post.. 🙂


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