10 Best Hairstyles Of Parineeti Chopra


10 Best Hairstyles Of Parineeti Chopra


I’m doing these hairstyle posts as every actress has different face shape and so their take on similar hairstyles can be different too. You can choose what you like.

The Pretty Chopra girl- Parineeti is not known for her sartorial choices. Or maybe she is infamous for that. This doesn’t stop her from making some good hairstyle choices. Take a look-

The new Braid


parineeti chopra hairstyle

Parineeti’s take on braid is different. She has it messy like many others but the braid is unusual as it is made using only 2 twisted sections of hair. Surely a mermaid kinda look.

Glam Hair


parineeti chopra hair

Parineeti looks super glamorous here. Her hair is short, straight and shiny. The hair makeup complement very nicely in this look.

Plane Jane


best parineeti chopra hairstyles

This hairstyle is a quick saviour for girls. Backcomb your hair and secure with bobby pins, done. It will suit both straight and curly hair.

Head Chain


parineeti chopra hairstyles

This look reminds of Greek goddesses. Her head chain is not the usual metallic one, instead she has used flowers to look ravishing.



parineeti chopra bun hairstyle

This bun is usual but she makes it look cute by adding a black and gold head band. Well another style to look princess-y.

Cute Curls


parineeti chopra curls

She looks cute always and here she has used curls to look even cuter. This everyday look is quite pretty.

Side Pony


parineeti chopra pony hairstyle

Pony thrown on one side with some curls is just awesome. Parineeti sports this hairdo to enhance her charm. You can also try this to your advantage.

Pixie Cut


parineeti chopra pixie cut

Parineeti showed off her sporty side in Hasee Toh Phasee with the super stylish and cute pixie cut. She looked nice.

Half Up


parineeti chopra best hairstyle

Her way of sporting a half up-half down hairstyle is pretty. Her voluminous hair curled and flipped on a side look gorgeous.

Centre parting


parineeti chopra haircut

Well this is not a full centre parting but is definitely another way to style up a simple half up hairdo. Parineeti is looking stunning.

Which is your favorite hair style of Parineeti Chopra?

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  1. Dis is another artist I am fan of πŸ˜‰ She surely has developed her style slowly but surely πŸ™‚ Thanks for d post Maitri..


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