10 Best Hairstyles Of Sonam Kapoor


10 Best Hairstyles Of Sonam Kapoor


She has been called the fashionista innumerable times. Sonam is one girl who never shies away from trying something different be it her clothes, hair or makeup. She has styled her hair in various fantastic ways and it was really difficult for me to choose ten. Take a look girls and get inspired-

It Goes ‘Pouf’


best hairstyles of sonam kapoor

The bouffant has been sported by many times by divas. But this is something different. How did she managed to hold this much of tease, I don’t know or has she inserted something in there?. One thing is sure that this hairstyle would have increased her already high height by a few more inches.

Princess look


sonam kpoor hairstyle in saree

She looks like a princess with the loosely flowing curls. The twists and waves make her look so timeless and that beautiful saree and jewellery is icing on the cake.

Retro Glam


sonam kapoor hair bun

Sonam has taken some inspiration fro Audrey Hepburn and Saira Banu to sport this perfectly styled big hair look. This style adds softness to her face.

Sleek Braid


sonam kapoor best hairstyle

This is an everyday braid which Sonam is seen sporting here. An extra braid has been added on one side to add glamour to her look.

Low Bun


sonam kpoor hairstyle in aisha

Many of us may shy away from sporting this ‘aunty-style’ bun but Sonam doesn’t. Her look here shows that if done well, even the simplest of hairstyles can look awesome.

High Bun


sonam kapoor hairstyle pictures

Now you really need oodles of confidence to pull all your hair back so tightly. This top knot is only enhancing her sharp features.



sonam kapoor haircut

Ice-cream hair is a big trend but not everybody looks this gorgeous while trying to look picture-perfect. Sonam seems to have come out of a photoshopped magazine cover.

Loose Chignon


best sonam kapoor hairstyles

Sonam clinches this cute look. Her hair have been made just a little messy and a pretty hair accessory has been added to balance the mess and make her look like a diva.

Poker Straight


sonam kapoor hairstyles

Poker straight hair with centre parting doe not suit everyone and there is every chance of the look falling flat but Sonam is definitely not among those. Every hairstyle suits her equally and this one is no exception.

Another New Look


sonam kapoor hair

I don’t know what this hairstyle is called. But she looks like a cute kitty or Minnie sans bow. She looks very pretty and rocks the hairdo.

Which is your favorite hairstyle of Sonam Kapoor?

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  1. I think she’s an absolutely ditzy human after her Koffee With Karan episode with Anil Kapoor, but there’s no denying that her style is always on point.


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