10 Best Kim Kardashian Makeup & Hair Looks



10 Best Kim Kardashian Makeup And Hair Looks

Kimberly Noel Kardashian aka Kim Kardashian is a very popular face today not just in abroad but also in India. She has had few controversies which brought to her limelight but now over the years she has also managed to be in limelight for some good reasons as well. Her style quotient is her USP which manages to catch all the good attention.

Kim took help of cosmetic surgery to enhance her beauty and has been seen on most occasions with heavy contouring.

I am not someone who was not a fan of hers until the time I began to took note of her good makeup and hairstyles, of course she too encountered with some bloopers but that is okay after all she too is a human.

Today we shall see some aced makeup and hair looks of Kim Kardashian and I am sure with this article today we shall have some new fans of Kim Kardashian.

Bare Makeup


Kim Kardashian bare makeup


Are you someone who believes that Kim only masters bold and heavy contours in makeup? You gotta think all over again.

Have a look at this picture! Kim decided to go soft with a nude makeup and whoaaaa, she looked amazing in the bare makeup look. Kim made a right decision to ditch the drama and go soft, after all good changes are always refreshing.

Voluminous Updo

Kim is very experimental with hair styling and has tried variations from blowouts to beehives. This voluminous updo is absolutely very flattering and Kim looks very elegant with this hairstyle.

Peachy Peach


Kim Kardashian  All over peach


Monochrome attires made some huge fashion off lately, how about a monochrome makeup????

The idea might not sound as great till the time you see Kim rocking this ‘all over peach makeup look’. This look basically concentrates of keeping thing a bit underplayed and does not allow any feature from face to stand out.

Mini Side Braid


Kim Kardashian Mini side braid


This seemed like a perfect hairstyle suiting the theme. With this hairstyle Kim manages to look cute rather than hot and of course Kim made a good choice to opt for the cuter version as she was present at the Kid’s Choice Awards.

Hot Pink on Luscious Lips


Kim Kardashian Hot Pink Lips


As you all must know, you can never go wrong with a red Lipstick, but this makeup look of Kim gives another addition to the safe played lippies. Hot pink lips too can be carried very effortlessly just like Kim did and yes they too can be your safe bet when you do not know what color your lip should wear. A playful, bright pop of color is the way to go.

Pompadour Pony


Kim Kardashian Pompadour Pony


Kim herself told that she is very prone to suffer from Bad Hair Days and when on days she has volume less, flat hair she swears by this Pompadour Pony Tail.
Now we are sure how she manages to look gorgeous always, after all she is so good in getting her bad hair days transformed into a stylish pony tail.

Glowing Bronze Goddess


Kim Kardashian bronze glow


To be honest I have not seen such a mastered use of bronzers ever. If there were ever some awards for bronzer usage, I am sure it would be even hard to think of competing names against Kim.
Kim is a clear winner here.

Side Braid


Kim Kardashian  Side braid


Side braids have evolved as a global trend and Kim too accepted the trend or rather made the trend even trendier.
This messy side braid looks beautiful on Kim.

Cleopatra Eyeliner


Kim Kardashian  Cleopatra style eyliner


Cleopatra inspired style in eyeliner application is not something that everybody can flaunt with so much ease, but our dear Kim seemed very confident about this style. Just look at the picture she is nowhere near to be conscious and is very confident about this eye look.

Thick Bangs


Kim Kardashian thick bangs


On and off we have seen Kim sporting thick bangs. Kim plays very intelligent with the bangs as they look gorgeous and at the same time hide the big forehead of hers.

These were some of the most ravishing makeup and hair looks of Kim Kardashian.

Are you fan of Kim?

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