10 Best Kryolan Makeup Kits In India


10 Best Kryolan Makeup Kits In India

Hello all you beautiful dolls!

Makeup has been a dream addiction for me! And I guess, now that you are reading this, I am quite sure you are a makeup freak too!

Kryolan is one of the best professional range makeups available in India! Though Kryolan was initially launched keeping in mind the requirements of the professional theater artists who work under heavy lighting and stuff like that you know that heavy coverage kind of makeup! But now Kryolan has extended its approach towards beauty freaks who like experimentation. And what better way to experiment than to try the palettes brought out by Kryolan.

Here are the top 10 palettes from kryolan you must check out!

Kryolan Professional Blusher Set 15 Color

Price- $106 for 37.5 grams

kryolan professional set

One cannot go wrong with Kryolan blushes, but this palette, you got to believe me, will amaze you beyond extent. 15 gorgeous, highly pigmented, easily blend able blushes all packed up in a compact case! Though a bit on the expensive side, but the quality and quantity you get is just too good to be true.

Blush Palette Shade EC5

Price- INR 1000

red blush Kryolan+Kryolan-blusher-palette-reviews

Now this is a blush palette, which has just the apt colors for Indian skin tone—especially bridal colors. And not only bridal, these blushes are good for dressing up your skin for all special occasions—from red, peaches and pinks to browns—this palette has blush and contour colors for you.

Kryolan Cake Eyeliner Palette

Kryolan Cake Eyeliner Palette

Can you ever say that you have enough of eyeliners? I personally can’t. and looking at this palette, I knew that this was a must in every liner lover’s vanity. It comes with 5 gorgeous, deep color ranging from blacks, browns, blues and grays. Plus, it comes with an inbuilt mirror and a brush applicator which needs to get wet before using the product.

Kryolan Glamour Glow Powder Palette

Kryolan Glamour Glow powder palette

Now this is the real deal when it comes to heavy duty makeup. 8 gorgeous perfectly-curated, great formulation powders which come in shades to suit all skin types! The shades range so variedly that some of them can be even used for correcting, highlighting and contouring. A must try!

 Kryolan Lip Rouge Set

Kryolan Lip Rouge Set

Here comes something for all the lipstick-addict lovelies! Wouldn’t you love to have a few different shades of lippies which suit you perfectly encompassed in your personal palette. Maybe Kryolan heard your ardent desires and created this awesome palette which comes in 5 gorgeous shade types ranging from reds to nudes and more. Chose your pick!

Kryolan HD 18 Micro Cream Foundation Makeup Palette

Kryolan HD 18 Micro Cream Foundation Makeup Palette

Price -3500INR for 13 grams

We all need to agree that makeup takes a lot of hit and trial before perfecting it especially the base foundations. And Kryolan has the perfect fix for all your skin tone changes with weather woes. An amazing array of shades which will you can mix and match to create the perfect base for your makeup 18 god-darn-it shades, you seriously think of wanting anymore? And, the quality and coverage is ah-mazing!

Kryolan Eyebrow Palette

Kryolan Eyebrow Palette

We all want to post selfies with the hash tag #browgamestrong, that’s the hottest trend after all. And to genuinely keep your brow game strong, Kryolan has just the perfect palette for your eyebrows. Almost all colors are apt for Indian hair and the texture is perfect for naturally-done looking brows. No streaky line, I promise!

Kryolan 24 Aquacolor wet makeup palette

Price– $79.22

Kryolan 24 Aquacolor wet makeup palette

Kryolan just simply calls it a makeup palette which has 24 amazingly gorgeous colors which are glycerin based and are highly pigmented. The intriguing part is that the palette has some nude, skin tones, and goes up to having bright greens, purples, blues and reds. A multi-purpose palette, perhaps?

Kryolan Supracolor 12 Concealer Makeup Palette

Price– 3200 INR

Kryolan Supracolor 12 Concealer Makeup Palette

I swear this is the best makeup palette listed up here. Concealers are something which we can not have enough of, especially if we have to deal with pigmented, freckled, blemished or scarred skin types. All can do with a few varied hues of concealer pigmentation for our makeup and getting 12 complementary toned concealer colors is like beyond this world.

Kryolan Shimmering vision Interferenz Palette

Price– 2500INR for 45gm

kryolan palette interferenz shimmering vision shades

You just cannot beat the glory of this palette. I was never into shimmers, but the swatches for this palette have made me yearn for shimmers now. Perfect shade, just the perfect amount of finely milled shimmer, gorgeous texture, amazing perfection, huge quantity for the price you pay I guess that says it all.

Have you tried any of these 10 best Kryolan makeup kits in India?

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    • Khushi don’t die! Let’s bombard the kryolan stores together and pity our POOR POCKETS later!! 😛
      and thankyou 🙂

    • I want to fall in love with it too! heard some amazing things about their lipsticks and concealer, especially the derma colour ones! Just waiting for an opportunity to hit the stores personally!

  1. can u plz brief me the price if i want to pick one base cream one blusher shade one lipstic shade and one tlc powder….

  2. Whn I was in Delhi one of my friend gifted me krylon HD foundation Pallette that was really good & now i really miss thm because in dehradoon krylon products is not available yet


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