10 Best Lipstick Hacks You Must Know


10 Best Lipstick Hacks You Must Know

Lipsticks are the top favorite makeup products of most ladies. We spend quite a lot of time looking for the right nude and the perfect red. This is no mean task! We want lipsticks to last on our lips quite long without facing the embarrassment of them feathering and bleeding. Go through these tips and memorize them as these are the Best Lipstick Hacks You Must Know-

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The Right Brush

Lakme Absolute Precision Lip Brush Review Bristles+lip brush

If you want the polished lips look then apply lipstick with a small lip brush or concealer brush. It will give precise application and an opaque look. For a stained-lip look, apply your lipstick with a fluffy brush. Eyeshadow brushes work best and give a diffused application.

Keep Clean

This is one of my favorite lipstick hacks. Once you are done applying lipstick, stick your clean index finger in your mouth and wrap your lips around it lightly. Then pull the finger out and you will see lipstick on it. This lipstick might have stained your teeth but now you are safe.

For A Fuller Pout

Apply your favorite lipstick on your lips as usual. Now take a lipstick from the same color family but in quite a lighter shade. Apply the lighter lipstick just on the centre of your upper and lower lips. You can also apply concealer in the same way and blend lightly. It will make your lips appear even larger.

No Harshness

Revlon colorstay lipliner red rouge salmon

To save your lipliner from looking harsh, smudge it with your fingers. Line your lips and smudge them inwards so that your lips look defined but not like they are popping out of your face.

The Right Red

favorite makeup with red lips

We all keep searching for the right shade of red for our skin tones. You can experiment and there are no hard and fast rules but here is a small tip- Fair skin tones look great in blue based reds while medium ones rock orange based reds. Darker skins look fabulous in deep burgundy reds.

No More Feathering

Apply a clear makeup primer around your lips to keep your lip color from feathering out. You can even buy clear lip liners or lip primers for the purpose.

The MLBB Effect

This is the favorite kind of lips for many of us but finding the MLBB shade is not easy. What you can do is, take a lipstick close to your natural lip color and pout. Now while you have your kiss-face on, dab the lipstick on the centre of lips with your fingers. Then go back to your normal face and blend the lipstick a little towards the corners. You now have the perfect ‘my lips but better’ look.

Save Your Lipsticks

You can save your broken lipsticks in contact lens cases. Sometimes the lip color melts or just breaks and so does our hearts. Save it buy scooping out what you have and store in a contact lens case. You can also use a cute pill box for the purpose.

Dark And Light


We love to experiment with our lip colors. Sometimes you might want your lipstick to appear a little lighter than it is. Line your lips with a white eye pencil and fill them as well. Now when you apply lipstick over it, it will appear lighter than usual. You can get darker lips by doing the same with a black eye pencil. This will give you deep vampy lips.

The Lasting Effect

Revlon Skinlights Loose Powder Natural Light

This is a much loved hack. Apply your lipstick, blot it with a tissue and dust on some clear loose powder. Now apply another layer of lipstick. It will make your lip color last really long on your lips.

Do you follow any of these Best Lipstick Hacks You Must Know?

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