10 Best Organic Beauty Brands In India



10 Best Organic Beauty Brands in India

So after you all know why organic beauty products are good or indeed is a m must to be adapted in your daily life, I thought this now calls for some knowledge about organic beauty brands. Well India has its roots since ages with ayurveda and masters the art of using natural ingredients in the best possible way, and we have a lot of brands in Indian markets that deal in organic beauty products.

Today we shall know about the ten best organic beauty brands in India.



Aura Vedic Foot Scrub Review+foot scrub


Auravedic is a natural beauty brand which uses only the best of the local natural ingredients. They are inspired by the ancient knowledge of the Vedas and use this knowledge to bring out the cleansing and cosmetic properties of these natural ingredients. The use of purest natural processes and ingredients has got this company huge popularity.

They have a huge variety of beauty products dealing with common skin problems like pigmentation, ageing, acne and various hair problems.


Vedantika have a wide variety of beauty products consisting of some health products too. Their range of skin polishing scrubs, shampoos, face washes and acne masks, amla candies and health drinks that aid in promoting natural beauty is very promising and impressive. The ideology behind the Vedantika’s product is beauty cannot be achieved with only superficial efforts; what you consume affects your beauty.


Tatha, was earlier this year was rebranded and is now named “Vedic Collection”.

Vedic Collection too has all natural and free of harsh chemicals products. The company’s wide range of essential oils works fantastically well and is quite popular.

The Nature’s Co:


TNC August Beautywish Box


Off lately you all must have read my reviews on The Nature’s Co products and must know about their superior quality. I totally adore TNC for its superior quality products with the promise of them being composed with totally natural ingredients. TNC definitely has really got some great products to be used and few of them being so addictive like the cucumber face wash or the corn exfoliating face mask.



Omved tired foot soak reviews+foot care reviews


Omved means – OM ‘The Absolute’, VED ‘Knowledge’.

Omved, this brand can be described and understood with just three words- “Pure, Natural, Living”, the company survives on the sole motto of ensuring a Pure- natural living with all organic, natural ingredients. Their products are natural, eco-friendly, sourced fairly and are handcrafted and have a wide variety of products. Omved has soaps, face washes, scrubs, soaks, natural oils infused with essential oils; and not just the beauty products but Omved also deals in Tees, towels, soaps, shampoos and conditioners, incense sticks, aroma candles and lots & lots of other stuffs too.

Forest Essentials


FE Rose Marigold Light Day Lotion


Forest Essentials need no introduction and just the name is enough to sell its products. The basic idea behind their products is “Food For Skin” and they simply work on a consideration, if you cannot eat harmful chemicals then why have such chemicals in your beauty products.
Of course the products are very expensive and do not have a long shelf life, but still the natural goodness of the products make it a must to try them.


Rustic Art

It is one amongst the very popular organic brands in India. Rustic Art deals in beauty, wellness, handcrafted bath soaps are few among the companies best selling. The company will not disappoint your on its ingredients department and its products are always free of parabens and SLSs.

Rustic Arts are the first to come up with the idea of Organic detergents.


The ancient ayurvedic knowledge is the key that Aaranya uses to manufacture products using natural ingredients which nourish the skin and hair and aid in keeping all sorts of beauty problems at bay. They have quite a wide range of products that are a must for your day to day to skincare regime.



Biotique bio peach clarifying refining peel off mask


Is there anyone who does not know about biotique!!! I guess no one.

To be honest I was introduced to natural products by this brand few years back and ever since there was no looking back to chemical laden beauty products, of course makeup products are an exception here for me.

Biotique face packs and polishing scrubs have been the fasts selling products of this company and the company offers a lot more than just face packs and scrubs.



Tvam Apricot & Walnut Body Scrub and Polisher Review+body scrubs


Tvam includes bath salts, bath oils, handmade soaps and scrubs – all with the goodness of natural raw materials and enticing fragrances from essential oils in its vivid range of products and also have specialized hair oils and tonics that helps to fight against some very common hair problems like hair fall, dandruff and premature greying. The range of cleansers, toners and creams makes up for an ideal CTM regime with all the benefits of natural ingredients.

This is not the end and Indian beauty market is coming up with great organic beauty products brands, Patanjali being the best such example, but this was the list of the best brands dealing in organic/ natural beauty products in India.

I hope you guys like it !

Have you tried any of these brands?

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  1. Nice information! I have always been used Himalayas product; recently I have come across very new brand that is Cosmic Nutracos. They manufacture wide range of cosmetic products such as – shampoos, hand wash, hair oil, moisturizers, face wash, face pack, cleanser and toner, sunscreen, anti-aging night cream, fairness cream, hand sanitizers.

    I prefer cosmetics from them; it suits to my skin type.

  2. I do not think that organic harvest is purely organic as i think they are using only some organic ingredients and claiming organic products and maximum manufactureres are using the same.


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