10 Best Summer Hairstyles


10 Best Summer Hairstyles


Summers are back with all their glory. Letting your hair down is not a viable option when it is suppah hot outside. Try these hairstyles to raise the temperature in heat 😉



summer hairstyles

Its a ‘dare to bare’ kind of hairstyle :-P. If you feel bold enough, just chop off your hair and get the perfect summer hairstyle. How I wish, I could be daring enough! It looks amazing and highlights your features. You can style the pixie cut in a sleek way or can go the Miley Cyrus way, don’t twerk though 😉



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Braids are as beautiful as they get. You can never go wrong with these. Try the simple braid, the exotic French braid or style your hair in a fishtail. You can learn to make fishtails on Wiseshe but if you can’t get it right, the 3-strand simple braids also look pretty. They keep your hair away and make you look chic.

Summer-friendly Updos


easy summer hairstyles

Summers are the perfect excuse to try updos. You can try the ballerina bun which can be made easily with a donut hair band. There are other simple updos that you can try. To look stylish, pair the updos with twists, small braids and beautiful hair accessories.

Messy Buns


messy hairstyles

These never go out of style. Also they hold so well in sweaty, sticky summer hair if you haven’t got the time for a hairwash but still wish to look stylish. Don’t make these pretty buns an excuse to not wash your hair as they hold nicely in clean hair also 😛



simple hairstyles

These can be made with very short hair as well as with long hair. Your hair will not fall on your face and neither will they keep poking your eyes when they are in a well-tied ponytail. This is probably the most worn hairstyle so avoid looking drab by doing some pretty summery makeup.

Looped Pony


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To me it seems like a cross between messy bun and the simple ponytail. There are so many ways to make lose ponytails. It is easy to make and looks super stylish. You can make it look even better with some texturizing spray.

French Twist


summer hairstyles pretty

It is elegant and sexy at the same time. It again is easy to make. Twists look gorgeous and are apt even for an evening event. With these you look stylish and obviously do not have to worry about checking your hair again and again.



summer updos

I personally love them. They are just too easy to make. Just split your hair into two parts, tie a few knots and secure with bobby pins. These too are a great way to hide a bad-hair day. I always have a tough time, making them last long. Use bobby pins and hairspray to hold them for a long time.



best summer hairstyles

Buy pretty bandannas in different colours. Use them to keep your hair set and look cool at the same time. There are many options available in bandannas. But still if you can’t get good ones, use your favourite scarf to tie your hair for some retro glam.

Faux Bob


quick summer hairstyles

Ok! If you already have bob-cut hairs this one is not for you :-D. The girls with long hair can also sport bobs with some careful styling. These are a great way to change your look and fight the sweltering heat. Faux-bob also adds volume to thin hair.

So girls, which is your favorite hair style for summer?

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