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With so many formulas in the market, its easy for someone to get completely lost and go beserk. At last with many trials and errors we land up in getting a foundation which is a perfect match for the skin and then voila its cakey. I have seen a lot of people calling foundations ‘cakey’ when they don’t know that its a subjective mistake.

Nowadays foundations are rich in pigments and have volatile substances which dry up on skin leaving a veil of color behind. If you overdo this veil it certainly gives an unsightly masked effect that can be completely controlled by us.

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So let’s see how to get close to the best foundation. Always choose a liquid formulas as it slips better and is more controllable than powder version. Choose a foundation of the right color, undertone and skin type. If you are being photographed stay away from sunscreen based foundations and light reflective concealers as they can impart a ghostly white cast. Choose the formula according to your agenda and occasion. At work a tinted moisturizer is best suited while at wedding a full coverage long lasting foundation holds everything true. Never powder if not needed as now a days foundations dry to a powder finish and you don’t want to have a glowing body with a matte face.

Applying a foundation so that it does not go cakey is also a trick. Choose between array of sponges and brushes or use your fingers for flawless finish. I researched and found some amazing ways of applying foundation, which you probably may or may not know, as follows.

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Best Brushes Foundation & How To Use Them

+ Take 2 drops of foundation amidst the tips of your fingers. Massage over each other to heat up the formula and blend the molecules with heat generated by friction. Start from the centre of face blending outwards and downwards along the diameter of the face towards the perimeter. Then with foundation brush simply smooth the edges and blend to create a seamless finish.

+Other way round, apply foundation with brush and them dab gently for the formula to melt into skin.

+ Use special sponges like Beauty Blender that will never make your foundation go wrong even if its MAC Studio fix fluid which can be a bit tricky to apply.

+ Makeup artist Kabuki suggests applying foundation in small strokes with a concealer brush only in areas that need care and attention and set it with powder foundation to get an insanely natural finish.

+ Natural hair brushes help create the most amazing finish without actually absorbing any product. MAC 109 and Lancome dome brushes are my favorites. Stipple and blend with a flat kabuki can make wonders to your skin.

+ Duo fibre brushes are good to disperse the pigment for a seamless finish. You can also spray a fixing or moisturizing spray and create a perfect blend of flawless complexion with your favorite foundation.

+ Eve Pearl suggests reverse contouring to soften and deepen facial contours where required using two different foundations and the overall result is nothing less than perfect.

+ Applying foundation in semi circular motions can help conceal pores if done rightly. This is best done with fingers though.

+ Applying foundation with fan brush gives adds delicate translucency to the complexion and adds a whisper of color to skin keeping it subtle and dewy.

+ Applying foundation with angular foundation brush helps better application although none of the regular brands make one.

Foundations can be an affair of loyalty and faithfulness if gotten right.

Some liquid foundations I love and swear by,

# Clinique Superbalanced Makeup
# MAC Prolongwear foundation SPF10
# MUD cosmetics foundation palette
# Shiseido Dual Balancing Foundation
# Chanel Perfection Lumiere foundation # Clinique Even better makeup SPF 1D
# Bourjois Healthy mix foundation
# Ben Nye matte foundation.

Favorite foundation brushes

# Estee Lauder foundation brush # Sigmax brushes # Clinique Foundation brush # Dior foundation brush # Chanel Foundation brush.

# Estee Lauder foundation brush
# Sigma brushes
# Clinique Foundation brush
# Dior foundation brush
# Chanel Foundation brush.

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    • Thanks Vishu and Anamika…..This is the month of foundations so more articles coming on reviews and foundation applications and of course different formulas..
      Its so important to get the right foundation and 99% of us dont get the right one. Like I am in between the NC 40 and NC 42 of MAC Pro Longwear foundation and its such a tough task to mix but at last I got the right color.

  1. wow thanks doc..thts an awesome article..m gonna bookmark n apply d tricks next tym i apply foundation 🙂 even my fav foundation is clinique anti blemish one as i have oily acne prone skin :-))

    • My fav too…I love the way Anti blemish makeup dries to matte powdery finish. Its a very unusual finish but so worth it. They make this amazing mineral based foundation called Superbalanced Powder makeup which can be used to set the foundation. Try it out too!! Its the newest launch!

  2. Wow! This is such a great article Dr. Neeraj, that too at the perfect time for me! I am actually planning to invest in a MAC foundation this time, thought of trying the Studio Fix powder plus foundation for my combination-sensitive-acne prone skin. Would you give me the green signal for this or should I wait for the rest of your articles? 🙂

    • Studio fix may not be a good option if you have acne until you want to cover the marks n all. Are u using any acne care coz u can use Clinique Anti-Blemish solutions Cleanser, Clarifying lotion and Clearing moisturizer and also their foundation. For acne prone skin I would advice you opt for MAC Pro Longwear foundation. Its completely oil free and has an amazing texture.

      • Ohh okay, that makes a lot of sense..I only want medium coverage and a foundation that doesnt oxidize on me! Bad experience n’all 🙁
        Oh, I’m only using a salicylic acid moisturizer and scrub right now but I am looking to start on the Clinique 3-step CTM…heard mixed reviews though, mostly good but still a lot about it being harsh. Would you suggest I look into the products you’ve mentioned here instead of the 3-step?
        I wish you were in hyderabad so I could set up an appointment and consult you in person!!

        • Hi Keerthi,
          Since the foundations are oxidising try using a makeup primer. Even the Oriflame face primer is a good bargain to invest in if you want it all right. Otherwise for your oily skin I would choose Clarins instant smooth perfect touch.Clinique can be harsh to some people so u can go to GVK mall and get your skin analyzed at the Clinique counter. Do tell them my recommendation in case needed.
          Please feel free to mail me if you need anything.

  3. This is amazingggg Neeraj 😀 … i will bookmark this and am sure will use all the lovely tips you shared
    i still give full credit to you for making me fall in love with foundations and hands down Clinique super balanced is a hidden gem …

    thanks again for lovely post and will wait for more post as you said :dance-left-right: :dance-left-right: :dance-left-right: :dance-left-right: :dance-left-right: :dance-left-right:

  4. awesome article..adding it to my favourites list. i swear by MAC pro long wear and tricks to apply it is just as important as having a good foundations..

  5. WOW!! This is soo insightful Neeraj! Super article..super helpful. Also if you can suggest or put to gether something for how to choose the right shade will really be helpful.


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