10 Biotique Products Reviews Which You Must Try


10 Biotique Products Reviews Which You Must Try

Biotique- I love the name! Every time I see this name, I imagine a boutique full of herbal products 😛 These products are economical and work for most people. Biotique products are natural and free of preservatives. The availability has improved and now everyone can lay their hands on these bio-beauties. Also read Biotique Bio Papaya Revitalizing Scrub

The products are tempting and here you go with a list of ten such interesting products-

Biotique Bio Watercress Fresh Nourishing Conditioner

Price- INR 159

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This gel-like conditioner is easily available. It is silicone-free. This product makes hair frizz-free, shiny, soft and doesn’t weigh it down. Rinses off easily without leaving any residue. It improves overall hair health with regular use. 10 Deep Conditioning Mask That Help To Heal Damaged Hair

Biotique Bio Bhringraj Fresh Growth Therapeutic Oil

Price- INR 159

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The oil is very light in texture. It has a pleasant fragrance to it and it is yellowish in color. It makes hair soft, silky and manageable after every use. It tames unruly hair. The oil does not promote hair growth. It is a light and non greasy hair oil.

Biotique Nyctanthes Hand Cream

Price- INR 180

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This hand cream smells like a baby cream and has an easy to use cream base. It does not leave behind any kind of greasiness rather it gets absorbed by the skin in a jiffy. Instantly hands feel softer and they smell fresh too. Because of its non oiliness neither does it make  palms slippery nor does it stain any clothing. It heals flaky skin.

Biotique Bio Papaya Exfoliating Face Wash

Price- INR 60

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The product is transparent. Its a bit runny in consistency. It has exfoliating particles. The smell of the product is slightly herbal, nothing overpowering. The face wash lathers well and only a small amount is needed. The scrub is mild so you can use it every day. You can see reduction in blackheads and dead skin around forehead. This is a good and must-have product to try if you are suffering from bad skin and blackheads and whiteheads. Best Scrub For Sensitive Oily Skin

Biotique Apricot Body Gel

Price- INR 180

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This gel doesn’t dry skin and doesn’t leave any soapy residue and is very gentle. It has a nice fruity smell and makes skin squeaky clean. Its orangey in color and has gel like texture and doesn’t have any chemicals but it lathers quite well. It is 100% soap free. Doesn’t dry out skin (no stretchy feeling) and is completely natural.

Biotique Nourishing and Revitalizing Pistachio Face Pack

Price- INR 530

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The light green colored ready-to-use pack comes in a sturdy green colored tub. It gives a soothing feel and freshness to  tired skin. One can feel the smoothness and brightness the pack provides right after the first use. It nourishes, moisturizes skin while making it smoother and reducing the tan. It never dries up skin and provides a radiant glow which stays long. It will suit all skin types.

Biotique Bio Color Lipstick in Mocha Silk

Price- INR 225

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This is a peachy brown shade and has no shimmers. It is perfect for everyday wear. It truly has a rich creamy texture, glides on comfortably and feels light. It keeps lips well hydrated. It is decently pigmented and takes 2 coats for opaque application. It does need touching up every 3-4 hours. It comes in a plain black twisted case placed inside a box. The lipstick does not feel heavy on lips.

Biotique Bio Vera Aloe Vera Face & Body Sun Lotion SPF 75

Price- INR 180

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The lotion is more thick than runny and spreads evenly. It gets absorbed pretty quickly but does make skin feel a little greasy. It is moisturising and is perfect for body. It does protect the skin from getting tanned and keeps it hydrated. A little goes a long way and it is going to last pretty long.

Biotique Bio Peach Clarifying & Refining Peel Off Mask

Price- INR 199

The mask is of runny consistency and takes a little more time in drying. This cleans face and lightens tan a bit. One tub will last you 2 months easily even when frequently used. Easy peel off without hurting your face. The strong alcoholic fragrance can be a turn off.

Biotique Basil and Parsley Soap

Price- INR 30 for 50 g

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The soap is green in color and has strong herbal smell, nothing artificial but quite strong. It lathers quite well and doesn’t leave any soapy residue behind. It cleanses skin nicely without making it dry and stretchy. It claims to cure skin diseases. This soap helps in soothing  sensitive skin. It has goodness of coconut oil, basil and parsley extracts.

Have you tried any of these Biotique products?


  1. Hi, lovely compilation. Biotique was the first brand I ever bought during my college since I had heavy acne. The soap is a blessing for teenagers. Completely second the list!

  2. The worst product and brand I have ever used. I had a reaction on my face when used their tonner.plz dnt buy it.save ur skin


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