10 Bird Tattoos Designs Ideas


10 Bird Tattoos


Who hasn’t through the different stages in his/her life thought about chirping in the morning like a sparrow, sing like a cuckoo or a humming bird, be as colorful as a kingfisher, as darling as a pair of lovebirds, or simply soar above everyone else like an eagle??!! In fact, every bird has a characteristic human emotion attached to it. Depicting one through body art reflects one’s inner/ innate desires.

Here is the compilation of 10 most cute amazing bird tattoos.

Dove Tattoos

We all know that these graceful, elegant, angelic birds are synonymous with peace, love and tranquility. Considered holy and heavenly in almost every culture worldwide.


Dove Tattoo Ideas


Eagle Tattoos

Soaring high above the sky, bathing in sunlight, playing with wind, symbolizing spirituality, strength, freedom and pride, this majestic creature of the bird kingdom flies as high as our imagination and are often termed as “Messengers of God”.


Eagle Tattoos


Sparrow Tattoos

These small, cute birds represent freedom, luck, fortune, love, trust and safe journey.


Sparrow tattoo ideas


Hawk Tattoos

Standing with wings spread wide, a hawk symbolizes energy, rebirth, protection, intelligence.


hawk tattoo


Hummingbird Tattoos

These tattoos can be designed in a variety of different ways with different colors and portrayed with many different symbols and elements. These graceful birds symbolize vigilance, vitality creativeness and life.


Humming bird tattoo


Peacock Tattoos

Another beautiful tattoo of color. The peacock is a symbol of immortality because the ancients believed that the peacock had flesh that did not decay after death. Peacocks are considered holy as it can be seen accompanying Gods and deities, and its feather is Lord Krishna’s favorite. Symbolizing renewable and resurrection, these auspicious birds definitely looks gorgeous when tattooed.


peacock tattoo idea


Love Bird Tattoos

Love bird tattoos are very popular and for obvious reasons. They are tattooed alone or teamed up with flowers, branches and special quotes.


Love bird tatoos


Flowers and Bird Tattoos

Flowers and birds, both are very close to our heart. They complement each other beautifully when tattooed.


flowers & birds tattoo


Birds and Musical Notes

Many birds are known for their beautiful voice and singing. So birds with musical notes portray love for birds and love for music together 😀


birds & musical notes tattoo


Birds and Feather Tattoos

These “birds coming out of weather” tattoos are very unique and symbolizes growth. From one feather comes out numerable birds. Just a feather looks equally stylish.


Birds & Feather Tattoo

Happy tattooing friends..!! 🙂

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  1. Birds are such a lovely example of God’s masterpiece creation…Iam loving the Peacock’s Tatoo the most here in the list.


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