10 Black Mehndi Designs Which You Must Check Out


10 Black Mehndi Designs Which You Must Check Out

Black mehndi is prepared by mixing henna with some chemicals and dyes. It is used on its on and is also used to outline the traditional red mehndi. Whatever the way of using, black mehndi looks totally different and gives a new look to hands. Just like with the traditional mehndi, you can make many designs with black mehndi. Here are some black mehndi designs which you must check out if you need some ideas-

best black mehndi designs (1)

This Arabic design will look best when made using black mehndi. The intricate patterns and shading is giving a nice look. The design does not fill the whole palm and is suitable for any occasion.

best black mehndi designs (2)

Black mehndi on arms gives the effect of a tattoo. You can try this design when you are wearing one of trendy dresses or even with a lehenga.

best black mehndi designs (3)

Here the design is made using heavy strokes. This thick design gives a fuller look while still making you look trendy.

best black mehndi designs (4)

Another design which has been made using thick lines. The big floral patterns are giving this design a funky look. This is easy to make and you need to try this.

best black mehndi designs (5)

This is a girly design. If you don’t want the traditional effect then try this design with black mehndi. It is quite light and decorates hand just as needed.

best black mehndi designs (6)

If you want a new look then use black mehndi to outline your red mehndi design. Use black mehndi at the right places and you will have a design that is really gorgeous.

best black mehndi designs (7)

Here is another fantastic idea to use black mehndi correctly. You can even use rhinestones to give your design a shiny look.

best black mehndi designs (8)

Combining red mehndi with black mehndi and sparkly designs is an idea that never fails. Such designs are perfect for festive occasions.

best black mehndi designs (9)

Here is stark red mehndi coupled with jet black mehndi. The design is fantastic and is very suitable for brides. Both hand and foot have been designed with similar patterns.

best black mehndi designs (10)

This is quick. Just make an easy design with green henna and once its done, use black mehndi to highlight it. You can add a few more patterns with just black mehndi and also adorn it with rhinestones.

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