10 Bobbi Brown Beauty Tips


10 Bobbi Brown Beauty Tips


Bobbi Brown, this name is synonymous with high quality makeup. The brand has amazing products and so the lady behind them has to be a makeup-master class in herself. If you also want some simple but amazing tricks for a beautiful look, read on…


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1- We all want brighter teeth. If you have naturally sparkling pearlies, not many lipstick shades would be able to make them look yellowish. But if your teeth is on the wrong side of yellow then pink lipsticks with a blue undertone are your best bet. Shades like berry or fuchsia will be ideal.


bobbi brown makeup tips

2-It is essential to have well groomed eyebrows. You should pluck all the stray hair but never over pluck. Otherwise, you will slowly get thread-thin eyebrows which make you look older. Pay attention to the hair above your eyebrow, as plucking too much there can distort you natural eyebrow shape.

3-Finding the perfect foundation is the basis of a picture-perfect look. To pick the right foundie, swatch shades on the side of face and forehead. If the foundation swatch disappears, you have found the right one. But if your face starts looking ashy, the foundation is light for you. Also if you look muddy then the shade is too dark for you.


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4-Many of us have the problem of large open pores on face. They look really unsightly and it is difficult to give your face a flawless look with open pores. The best way to make your pores look smaller is to use an oil-free foundation. Top it up with a face powder. Use powder with brush for sheer coverage. If you want heavy coverage, use a puff instead.

5- There are many types of blushes available and it is confusing to pick the right formula. Cream blushes give a dewy, soft look but use it only if you have experience with blushes. Gel blushes are transparent and give you a wind burned look. These blushes are also tricky to blend so use carefully. Powder blush is the easiest to work with. Powder blushes also last long and give natural look.

6-if your nails have become yellowish due to frequent use of nail polish, then it is essential to get rid of the discoloration. To whiten nails make a solution of 1 tablespoon of 3% hydrogen peroxide and 2 1/2 tablespoons of baking soda. Apply this paste onto each nail with a cotton swab, and leave it for five minutes. Rinse well. This will remove all the dullness and discoloration.

7- Tanned skin is in trend and it looks nice when free of any patches. So if you want a sun-kissed look, use a bronzer. The shade of the bronzer should be similar to the colour of your chest and arms if you want a natural look. Do not forget to apply bronzer on ears and neck and blend very well.


bobbi brown beauty tips

8-Curling eyelashes, scares many girls. But until you try curling them, you will never understand the difference. Bobbi suggests placing the curler as close to your lid as possible without pinching the skin. Then look into the mirror and lift your lid a little. Press the curler gently for 10 seconds. You can fake the curled eyelashes by curling your lashes with your index finger when they are wet with mascara.

9- This one is a gem- Bobbi suggests using two blushes if you want a natural flush on your face. One blush should be similar to your cheek colour after exercising ( I don’t exercise much and to know my natural colour, I pinch my cheeks really hard :-D). Apply this shade on the apples of cheeks and blend towards hairline and again blend downwards to get a subtle look. The next colour should be a bright one that suits your complexion. This colour should be applied only on apples of cheeks. Blend the blushes well. The blush also lasts longer this way.



bobbi brown beauty tip

10- We know that not every makeup goes with every dress. So never match your makeup and clothes. When you wear black, go for a basic, nude look. When you wear bright clothes like neons then go with a soft blush. And when you wear dull, pastel dresses, use a bright blush to avoid looking dull and washed out.

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