10 Boho Hairstyles To Rock The Heat!


Hello, ladies!

Bohemian look is just ‘in’ these days and everyone is going for something Boho this time. Right from accessories to clothing to makeup, we girls are simply living for anything that has that vagabond feel to it. And why not? Life is so full of responsibilities and cliched works that it becomes of utmost importance to steal some fun moments from your life and what better than some clothing and makeup? And in addition to this, we have Boho hairstyles which add a separate charm to their look.


These hairstyles are chic and they have that certain feel to it which takes us to the Bohemian period altogether. Listing down 10 Boho hairstyles that will help you rock the summer heat. Enjoy!


10 Bohemian Hairstyles to Rock The Summer Heat:


This is one of my favourite looks and that’s why I have placed it on top. This trousled hair with beautifully styled bangs and that gold accessory really brings a charm to her otherwise effortless look. She looks amazingly Bohemian without any OTT appearance.


This boho hairstyle is fashionably chic! The hairstyle is braided and twisted into a rugged yet elegant up-do while her bangs have been curled and left to frame her face.



This is what you call a true mixture of Bohemian look and elegant vibes. The hair is loosely curled while the loose braid is down the side of her face giving her a chiselled look. The extra bang of hair on her forehead adds to her charm to her look.


Loose curls really make the day and when you add some loose braids into them, you can’t get more Boho in any way! This look is all about that and we are living for it.


This messy braided updo is for those who wants to style elegant with boho. The bangs are left open to get that Boho feels to it while the hair is beautiful as ever. The result is before you – a hairstyle that is stylish as it is effortless.



This is some serious summer Boho look to go for! Tie up your hair in a messy top knot which leaving the bangs open. Also, curl your ends to soften the look and give a feel to it. At last, accessorise your hair with a pretty ribbon like this red and white one! Pretty no?


Good news for curly hair girls like me! We can look Boho too with this fashion. This look is all about flaunting your curls with a silver metallic hairband which transforms her look completely from chic to boho in a flick.


If you are a dark hair girl who loves to keep her hair open, this hairstyle is the one to go for. Here the rose band is the factor that keeps us hooked on to the look and gives it a finish and texture.


This side braid looks absolutely amazing with some bangs left open. The icing on the cake comes in the end curls which define her face. Surely this look is a stealer!

New kid on the block? Well, we have something for you too! This simple, straight hairstyle will surely save your look in a go! Here the hair is fully straight, well-maintained just a pinch of Bohoness with the hairband. Surely a heart stealer!

That’s all folks!

You can watch the video here:


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