10 Bollywood Actress Face Care Tips


10 Bollywood Actress Face Care Tips

We adore these leading ladies of Bollywood for their flawless looks and in spite of the fact that they are mostly dolled up for most appearances but they have the best skin which counts for the added freshness and glow to the face! Even if these beauties step out without a hint of makeup, you will fall for the gorgeous skin which is naturally so beautiful!

So, I am sure everyone must be looking for some or the other celebrity tips to get flawless looking skin and so here is a quick guide on top 10 Bollywood Actresses who have spilled their best kept skin and face care secrets! 🙂

Kareena Kapoor

Kareena in Bajrang Bhaijan

Skincare is simple for her and she doesn’t wear makeup on a daily basis as she believes in staying natural and away from the chemical laden makeup cosmetics. No product at all on her face during the day and night! She only decks up for events and photo shoots!

She believes cleansing is the best way to keep the skin glowing! Her daily go-to face wash is one from Lancome. She avoids using many creams because of the high chemical content of these products.

Deepika Padukone

Deepika's Tamasha Promotion Eye Makeup look

The leading lady on the box office these days in the South Beauty Deepika has a natural glow which is easy to achieve! She believes in keeping the skin free from any makeup to the maximum possible extent! Eating healthy food and liquid intake is what is her secret to young and glowing skin! The basic CTM routine is what she mostly sticks to for her face care! She uses mild soaps and indulges in clean-up sessions often.

Katrina Kaif

katrina loreal event look

She is blessed with flawless healthy skin and doesn’t hang around in makeup when ever she steps out! You can spot this beauty in a no makeup look most of the times!

She is a lip balm person and she takes Acai berry supplements for her skin. She uses La Prairie night cream, Mene & Moy Face Wash and Lancome Cleansing Milk.

Priyanka Chopra

best look priyanka chopra

The former Miss World is going places and all the credit for her gorgeous are homemade recipes! Homemade face scrub containing rice flour and honey for exfoliating and moisturizing the skin. She also uses yogurt face pack to moisturize and brighten the skin.

Sonam Kapoor

sonam kapoor statement ring

Sonam starts her day with sipping some warm water, which is followed by honey and limewater to flush out the toxins. She loves cucumber juice, coconut juice and buttermilk for keeping the skin healthy and hydrated!

Aishwarya Rai


The most beautiful woman in the world Aishwarya Rai and being a mother has not changed anything at all for this gorgeous actress of Bollywood. She mostly relies on using organic ingredients for

Sonakashi Sinha


This Dabangg actress surely wooed so many hearts with her Indian looks and her voluptuous figure! She admits using multani mitti packs once in a while and regularly uses fresh aloe vera on her skin for minor skin issues. Any bruises, blemishes instantly disappear with aloe vera, it’s the best thing for the skin.

Alia Bhatt

Best Looks Of Alia Bhatt8

This newbie in Bollywood is the youngest of the lot and has the innocence and soft skin of a baby and all she does for that is take lots of fresh fruits and juices to keep her skin glowing from within! She also indulges in regular spa treatments which relaxes her skin and it glows naturally! Apart from that she is not very keen on a particular skincare regime and mainly attributes her fitness and diet as the prime reason behind her flawless skin!

Parineeti Chopra

parineeti choopra beauty without plastic surgery

While this bubbly actress is not very fond of makeup and likes to keep the skin more and more free from products and chemicals. But one advice she considers of her mother is to use aloe vera for face skin care as it very natural and protects and nourishes the skin in the best possible way! To some up her skincare tip, it is basically a regular CTM routine which Parineeti focuses majorly on!

Sharaddha Kapoor

shraddha minimum makeup

This stunning actress is another ardent fan of natural beauty and relies very less on makeup for her looks! She believes in liquid intake to keep her skin hydrated and elastic and flush out the impurities from the body! She is a firm believer in keeping the skin clean to the maximum and free from makeup! For occasional outbursts on the skin she sometimes uses toothpaste to vanish those zits!

Hope you like all of these beauties and admire them in one or the other way!

Which Bollywood Actress beauty secrets do you follow?

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