10 Bollywood Celebrities And Their Bags



10 Bollywood Celebrities And Their Bags

Bags for women are their treasure holder and women for the same reason are in love with bags.

From branded to non – branded there is a huge varieties of bags available in market. While many opt for popular luxurious brands the other may just opt for non branded bags, but no one can ever deny the love for bags that a women has. Bollywood celebrities too seem like to be smitten by the charm of bags.

They clearly know the art of making bag lovers like me envy of their luxurious arm candies. I wish I could get every bag , The luxury totes, clutches and slings, but for the moment I cannot have them all, so just looking at the bags will keep me happy. The bollywood divas though are lucky enough to put their treasures in such luxurious bags.

Infact the bags of these bollywood celebrities are not just treasure holder, they too are a treasure in themselves.

Today I shall show you people some luxurious bags that our bollywood celebrities are often spotted with. Have a look:

Sonakshi Sinha


Bollywood Celebrities and Their Bags -SONAKSHI SINHA


“Thappad Se Darr Nahi lagta Sahab, Pyaar Se Lagata hain”.

Yeah just as how much I like this dialogue of the Dabangg girl, I too like this bag. Sonakshi carried a Louis Vuitton sling bag to compliment her casual look. She nailed the look, but her sling bag was the attention grabber here.

Neha Dhupia


Bollywood Celebrities and Their Bags -NEHA DHUPIA


Ox Blood is the new trending color and the trend looks like of having reached the bags as well. Neha Dhupia showed off her Roberto Cavalli Diva Bowling bag at an event.

Karishma Kapoor


Bollywood Celebrities and Their Bags -KARISHMA KAPOOR


The always gorgeous lady of bollywood, Karishma Kapoor was seen showing off her Chanel Bag. The bag was a nice mix to the whole casual look.

Malaika Arora Khan


Bollywood Celebrities and Their Bags -MALAIKA ARORA KHAN


She is all time favorite, the beautiful style diva and the yummy mummy of bollywood was seen with her Louis Vuitton Tote.

Gul Panag


Bollywood Celebrities and Their Bags -GUL PANAG


Though the charm of this dimpled actress did not work in politics and same was the case with her bollywood projects but her style never fails. Gul was seen with a personalized Louis Vuitton hand bag.

Kangna Ranaut


Bollywood Celebrities and Their Bags - KANGANA RANAUT


Look who we have here, she is oh so cute and looked very adorable with her Dior bag that went well with her dress.

Deepika Padukone


Bollywood Celebrities and Their Bags - DEEPIKA PADUKONE


We also have a superstar here. Deepika Padukone was seen carrying her blue Louis Vuitton bag at the airport. I am sure the bag had all her travel essentials and yes, she looks definitely cute with that smile and the pair of glasses.

Huma Qureshi


Bollywood Celebrities and Their Bags - HUMA QUERESHI


We have a new MK fan here. Huma is often spotted with MK bags. The blue colored Hamilton Tote is definitely a great pick but I wish she could have paired it with a better look.

Alia Bhatt Louis Vuitton


Bollywood Celebrities and Their Bags - ALIA BHATT


The new bollywood diva too looks like a fan of Louis Vuitton. Alia Bhatt was spotted with a roomy Louis Vuitton bag. Of course we know that the roomy Louis Vuitton totes are classic and always come handy. These are good to carry your stuff and yet make a style statement.

 Sonam Kapoor


Bollywood Celebrities and Their Bags - SONAM KAPOOR


How can we miss out the bollywood fashionista here? Just like the best of dresses she carries the best of bags. Of course she works on every detail for her looks and here she was seen with a Gucci Stirrup Bag.

While collecting pictures of these designer bags, I was literally praying for some bag showers upon me. And now I just cannot act to be happy without these bags.

Till the time I overcome my envies, you girls chose for your favorite bags.

Which is your favorite bag?

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