10 Bollywood Celebrity Makeup Gone Wrong


10 Bollywood Celebrity Makeup Gone Wrong

Makeup is an art which needs to be mastered to get a flawless looking face. Makeup which doesn’t look obvious is the best. Sometimes a heavy makeup is needed to accentuate the beautiful features of the face but that calls for excessive usage as sometimes makeup does make one look really artificial and plastic.

Bollywood Beauties have never failed to woo audiences with their stunning looks and appearances but what breaks our hearts is the makeup which sometimes tuns bad for them and a lovely face gets ruined due to the lack of  proper makeup skills by various makeup artists.

Here I will be sharing some bollywood celebrities pictures who have been found guilty of wearing a horrible makeup at some rare occasions.

Celina Jaitely

She is one of the actresses who has been spotted with makeup blunders a few more times than any other actress. Here as you can see the concealer under the eyes failed to blend correctly and is looking pale. The nude and glossy lips are not at all going with her look.

10 bollywood celebrities makeup disaster 1

Kangana Ranaut-

Either her makeup artist has never heard of matte foundations or there is an excessive use of highlighter which ended up her as an oil factory and on seeing the picture, all I want to do is to offer a blotting tissue to her! *No offence*

And where is the lip color gone??

10 Bollywood Celebrity Make Gone Wrong 2

Priyanka Chopra

Our International Icon Priyanka Chopra has drastically evolved her fashion sense over the years and so is er makeup improved, still there are occasions which make us think was her makeup artist on leave this day?

Too much of peachy blush and a very subtle nude lips shade is certainly not her thing to carry effortlessly. What about the eye makeup? Ran out of a kohl!! Maybe! 😉

10 Bollywood Celebrity Make Gone Wrong  3

Maahi Gill-

This is one epic treasure I got while surfing and I can’t imagine an acclaimed actress like her didn’t observe herself in the mirror before stepping out!!

Wearing a foundation shade lighter is no crime but one needs to match it with the rest of the body and hands too if you are wearing a revealing outfit like this. Well if you can’t afford on all over the body then better stick to the exact shade of foundation for your skin tone!

10 Bollywood Celebrity Make Gone Wrong 4

Gauri Khan-

There are very rare occasions when I have seen her looking great with makeup. I guess, she needs to strictly ask her makeup artist to not make her look oily at least once for all!

Too much highlighter and tacky lip colors are the obvious reasons of her epic makeup fails. Once again!

10 Bollywood Celebrity Make Gone Wrong 5

Raveena Tandon

It is rare that she makes to the makeup blunder list because somehow she manages to look awesome in her appearances but this makeup totally boomed and she is just looking overdone with no evident lip color or intense eye makeup. The outfit went horribly wrong as well!

10 Bollywood Celebrity Make Gone Wrong 6

Sonam Kapoor

A true Fashion Diva and I love for her stunning Cannes & other red carpet appearances most of the time, but here the makeup is pathetic. Concealer crying out loud and smudged eye makeup is taking this makeup look nowhere at all. Thumbs downn!

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10 Bollywood Celebrity Make Gone Wrong 7

Parineeti Chopra-

I love this bubbly actress but how can I not include her makeup blunder in this list just because I like her!

The foundation seems to be darker in this makeup look and there is so much orange tint on the cheeks. Her legs are looking fair than her face. This was a totally bad makeup day for Pari! 🙁

10 Bollywood Celebrity Make Gone Wrong  8

Aishwarya Rai-

Our very own Miss World got it wrong at a press conference and the foundation is clearly looking unblended here. Although the blush and minimal eye makeup are very much subtle there seems to be a whitish cast near her under eyes which ruined her look.

10 Bollywood Celebrity Make Gone Wrong 9

Kareena Kapoor-

I love her for her natural beauty and in movies how wonderful she looks but somehow in her rare public appearances the makeup gets just a little overdone and makes the look a little out of place. An over the top blush was surely not needed, c’mon she has naturally flushing cheeks what is the need of and extra flush. The under eye area certainly needs lot of attention.

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Not a blunder but yet a makeup fail for me because I don’t like her look in this pic!  🙁

10 Bollywood Celebrity Make Gone Wrong  10

I hope you all liked these looks of the famous bollywood babes!

Have you seen these Bollywood Makeup Fails before?

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  1. Ira,

    I love Raveena’s makeup though in the article her outfit, lip color and foundation has hit hurdles 🙁

    Yea Mahi Gill scores the highest.. See the white cast as if just out of cement factory..

    Parineeti looked like she is just back from sunburn festival LOL 😛

    Kareena is much better but as you said the blush is overly done . And she doesnt really need blush or foundation. She looks delectably cheesy and gewy.. 🙂


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