10 Braid Hairstyles


10 Braid Hairstyles

Behen ji, a term invented by the so called stylish and ultra modern group of our colleges, and applied on a girl who is relatively a simple girl, who wears salwars and tie her long tresses in braids. But gone are the days when braids used to make you look like a non-trendy girl next door. Braids have now become one of the most stylish hairstyles of the season.

So listing today our top 10 favorite braid hairstyles.

Side Braid:

A messy side braid is all you need to be the center of attraction. Take your hair to the side and start doing braids all the way down. Secure it with a tie. Fan out the braid by pressing it with fingers. And voila..!! You are done. You can do front poof side braids too. Braids look super-chic. And if you can make it the fishtail way and add some mess, you will look even prettier.

Crown Braid:

Crown Braid - 10 Braid Hair Styles

Part your hair in the middle and start braiding from the nape of the neck as you move forward and secure it with a tie. Do this again on the opposite side. Now take the right braid and pin it on left and the left on right. This will give a crown like effect.

Hairline Braid:

The Hairline Braid - 10 Braid Hairstyles

The stunning little hairline braid is a super-quick way to get cute and chic in a hurry. Side part your hair. Take a portion of hair and start braiding. Pin it on the back of your head.


Cornrows - 10 Braid Hair Styles

This is one fun hairstyle which I tried so many times and at so many places and occasions. Actually originated from Africa, it soon became widely popular due to its easy and fun appeal. Just braid strands of hair into a series of French-braid-like locks. Make sure you cling to the head and travel the neck along with your hair length. You can then put the hanging portion into ponytails, buns or whatever you like.

Braided Bun:

Braided Bun - 10 Braid Hair Styles

You can try this on the special occasions like weddings, reception parties. This goes really well with our traditional Indian attires.

Braided Left Open:

One of the simplest and looks so beautiful on blonde hair. Middle part your hair and braid the front portion and pin it behind the ears. Leave the rest of your hair open. A little messy and stylish.

Waterfall Braid:

Waterfall Braid - 10 Braid Hair Styles

One of my most favorites. The cascading style works well on both shoulder length and long hair. Looking for a special hairstyle for a wedding or elegant occasion? This is your answer.

Katniss Hair Braid:

Katniss hair Braid - 10 Braid Hair Styles

Katniss Everdeen is a fictional character and the protagonist of Suzanne Collin’s The Hunger Games trilogy. The braid hairstyle she sported became worldwide famous.

Triple Braid:

Triple Braid - 10 Braid Hair Styles

Another favorite and I sport this often. It is one of the simplest of braid hairstyles. Just split your hair into three sections and make three braids on each section. Now combine the three braids into one single braid and you are done.

Twists and Braids:

Twist and Braids - 10 Braid Hair Styles

Taylor Swift wore her hair in a creative combination of twists and braids and twisted braids at the 2012 Kids’ Choice Awards. Soo stylish.

Hope you liked these 10 braid hairstyle ideas. Let us know which one you are trying next.

Have you tried these braid styes?

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  1. Side braid is my style when it comes to braids. gng to try braided left open. water fall style seems difficult but will try. 🙂


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