10 Breathtaking Makeup Looks For Diwali


Hello peeps!


So the favorite part of the year is here and we are almost ready with the same. Oh wait! Are you not? Is it the look and the attire bothering you? Well you need not worry. I am here to share some makeup looks with you which can go totally fine with your needs.


So let’s begin, what are we waiting for.

Traditional Indian look

final lohri makeup

This is a universal look which you can find overall whenever a person is trying to dress up in ethnic. This has more use of golden, silver, yellow and red in your makeup and goes well with attires in reds, maroon and pinks. You can play with it during the different time zones keeping it bright during the day and smoky during the night time. It is all about getting your glitters right.

Always go for the right eye shadows which should not be over doing your eyes but still making it appear traditional and beautiful. Looks good on any age group, is another advantage of this makeup.

Retro look


This look is all about playing with colors. You can use blue and pink together or may be gold and brown and so on. It is all dependent on what you are planning to wear for the evening.

Dramatic eye look

Karvachauth makeup india
This one is for the smoky eyes fans. You can create your own look to impress or kill. Wear a smoky eye makeup and balance the love for lights with your sassy looks. 😀

The chic look

This one is for the fairer ones specially. It is all about the red sultry lips and kohl-laced eyes that could kill. Try this look on Diwali and rekindle the magic in you.

The modern woman look

This look is all about doing the makeup limited to lipstick or lip gloss and a bit of nude makeup.

The winter or fall season look

I would like to call this look a winter look because it is all about using matte finish makeup making you appear sun-kissed. Please avoid too much shimmer for this look specially during day time as it might make you appear tanned.

The golden look

Red Carpet Portraits - The 69th Annual Cannes Film Festival
Gold is definitely a color most associated with Diwali so without doubt it would suit you for the occasion of Diwali. If you are wearing it with something golden, you are done for the day.

Golden pink look

This one is another most suited look. Just color your eyes with the eye shadows with the two colors and this would make for the perfect day wear look.

The simpleton look

This one is for those who would not like to be associated with any kind of bold makeup. A simple nude makeup during the day time does not hurt.

The Indian look

This one is one of my favorites which I have been liking since ages. It involves a red bindi, a red saree, a simple hair bun or just open hair and flowers putting the ethnicity of the day on priority.



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