10 bridal hairstyles For Long Hair


10 Best India Bridal Hair Styles

When it comes to choosing her wedding garb or her wedding hairstyle, even today a 21st century Indian bride never misses out on her traditions rather she’ll make it look even better by adding few deft and creative touches here and there. The wedding season has already begun and if you are soon to tie the knots, you must be wondering how to dress up your ‘wanton locks’ so that the invitees can recall your fabulous wedding hair style even years after your wedding. Well, pretty girls here I’ll be listing 10 best India Bridal Hairstyles to make it easy for you.

Messy bun hairstyle:-

This is a Western influenced bun hairstyle also called soft buns. These are curly buns, not the commonplace tight ones but have an elegance in the messy fluffy strands and curls that can impart your face with a real captivating softness

Open Curly Hairstyle:

If you love to flaunt your rich glossy curls, you might try this hairstyle as well. Your open flowing curls will surely ensnare the heart of your would-be




Fringe Hairstyle:

For Brides with broad forehead, a fringe of hair cut stylishly and made to fall over the forehead in a set direction can make the forehead appear somewhat smaller. Towards the back the hair can either be braided or rolled into bun.


The Braids can make another great hairstyle for Indian weddings. It’s a traditional hairstyle of course. The common types of braided hair styles you can opt for are waterfall braids, fishtail braids etc. You can accessorize the braids with beaded hairpins, flowers or even with a string of pearls.

Messy Braids:

These are loose braids with several curls shooting out like tendrils here and there. These curls add to the beauty of the messy braids and if you are planning to wear your hair up in the messy braid style, you have to get these bangs cut beforehand.




Coiled Curl Half do hair style:

This hairstyle looks really beautiful and is very much in the trends today. It’s very easy and also less time-taking to style up the hair in such a way.




Beehive Chignon Hairstyle:-

If you wish to give yourself a charming retro look but with a modern twist, this hairstyle is simply ideal. Remember to tuck in the flowers. They’ll do the wonders




Beehive with back braided hairstyle:

This hairstyle too is highly elegant, traditional and suitable for a pretty Indian bride.




Side braided bun hairstyle:

This hairstyle imparts a relatively modern look to an Indian bride in traditional Indian outfit and her getup becomes a perfect Indo-Western admixture.


braid with side bun

The Bun Hairstyle:-

This is one very common way of wearing the hair in the most traditional way. Your hair is rolled up and fixed with hair pins in the form of a tight bun. There are different styles of buns like braided buns, French buns, top-knot buns etc. This classic hairstyle has stood the test of time as a typical Indian wedding hairstyle. These buns are usually accessorized with bejeweled hair accessories and flowers etc which make them look really great.

So these are 10 best India bridal hairstyles which you can consider trying in order to glam up your looks on your wedding day.

Did you like these bridal hair styles?

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