10 Bridal Hairstyles For Short Hair


10 Bridal Hairstyles for Short Hair

When it’s your wedding day, you would obviously want to look the best on that day because it is of course the biggest event of your life, rather a life-changing event when all eyes are set on you and your groom. Whether it’s your wedding attire or your hairstyle for the day, perfection is the keyword for you then. There’s a common opinion that most people hold regarding a bride’s hairstyle; i.e. if you have long tresses then only you can have a stunning wedding day hairstyle and look perfect as a bride but this is actually not true. If your hairstylist is expert and creative enough you can really look beautiful even with short hairs on your wedding day. But make sure that your hair is well trimmed, is healthy, glossy and well conditioned. There are some very fabulous bridal hairstyles for short haired brides too. Just check these out girls:

Short hair beautifully embellished with tiara:

The hair needs to be back brushed a little to place the tiara a little far from the forehead. Towards the back make the short hair of the bride fluffy and spread it on both sides to give a fluffy bulge. It looks really beautiful.

short hair with tiara

Short hair beautiful embellished with a Hair band:

The bride’s short hair can be embellished with any suitable fancy hair band that compliments the color of her wedding attire. Generally bejeweled rhinestone hair bands or lace ones are used for brides and go well with pixie type hair cuts

Short hair with Hair band

Short hair curled and embellished with ring:

The short hair of the bride can be styled into beautiful curls and then embellished with a ring studded with stones, beads, floral motifs and hanging chains.

curled hair with ring

Short hair beautified with a veil:

It’s often said that veil is the hallmark of overall bridal garb though these days many brides don’t wear it to flaunt their hairstyles. A short haired bride however can wear a veil to look serene and keep her hair well-maintained

Short hair with  veil

Extra short haired bridal look:

These days the extra short haired bridal look is very much in trends. No hair accessories or veil is needed for this sort of short hair bridal hairstyle. It makes the bride look utterly trendy as well as funky.

Extra short bridal hair

Short hair beautifully decked with large flower:

The hairstylist may very creatively deck the short hair of the bride with a large vibrantly colored flower so that the guests cannot keep from gazing at her beauty.

Short hair large flower

Short hair beautifully styled with a birdcage bridal veil:

The bride’s short hair may even be decked with a fashionable and beautiful birdcage veil which will undoubtedly make her look elegant, pure and decent.

bridal hair birdcage  veil

Twisted hairstyle for short haired brides:

If the quality of the bride’s hair is very fine, then the stylist can twist the hair beautifully on either side and accessorize it with some attractive bejeweled hair accessory.

Twisted bridal shirt hairstyle

Bob cut bridal hairstyle with attractive side bangs:

The bride may go for a bob cut hairstyle and then cut some side bangs and style those into beautiful curls.

Bob cut bridal hairstyle

Spiky extra-short bridal hairstyle:

Some brides prefer offbeat hairstyles. They wish to look excessively funky on their wedding day. Well then, your hairstylist can give you that tom boyish look by giving you a pixie haircut that’s extra short and then he or she will use some styling gel to give your hair a spiky effect and you’ll look the perfect tom boyish bride!

Spiky extra-short bridal hairstyle

So these are the 10 Bridal Hairstyles for short hair which brides can try for their wedding day. Thus would-be short haired brides worry not. No need to cross your fingers and pray for good looks. Just look for a reputed hairstylist and he or she will do it all for you!

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