10 bright and shimmery make up tips this festival

With Karva chauth tomorrow and Diwali around the corner we all try to go slow with matte make up and pick up some shimmery eyeshadows. I remember trying to add some shimmery eye make up on myself and landing up looking like a girl who has taken a dip in a glitter bottle. Now I realise that shimmery or glittery make up doesn’t mean that you are glittered up from head to toe.
 Below are some bright and shimmery make up tips which I follow and plan to follow during festival season or party which might help you out.

Smoky eye make up in gold

 1. After my cleansing and toning I start by applying few water based moisturizer. This is done by most of us but here come the trick. I mix my moisturizer with an skin illuminator. I rub it around my finger tip before applying it so that it is warmed up and gets absorbs in my skin properly.
 2.  Foundation make up – For a flawless application some mineral foundation (I use body shop) gives a flaw less look .If you want a long stay foundation for a party then Revlon colorstay foundation works well.
3.   Loose translucent powder  After the foundation apply some loose powder all over your face .If you use a large make up brush then use that , it helps in applying the right kind of powder on your face and add a touch of glow to your face.
4. Shimmery eye makeup ––  Use liquid eyeliner in silver, gold and copper. Liquid eyeliner pops out the eyes. if you are into colored mascara then you can really look sexy .One of my friend do that but I have never managed to try that out. Shimmery eye shadows and smoky eyes look great on festivals.
 5. You can even apply body glitter on your neck area .Only thing is one should not over do the things.
6.  Mascara – 2-3 coats of mascara adds lot of depth during the festive season.
7.  Beauty rule – Do not forget the beauty rule and that is if you are going with heavy eye makeup then go with nude lip and vice versa

8. Shimmery lip gloss and bright blushes or cream blushes are a great way to add shimmer and bright makeup to your look .If you want your blush to last long then check out the photo tutorial here.
9. Check out your favourite celebrities and how do they wear their make up in parties and festivals.
10.  Always match your make up with your jewellery and outfit. If you are wearing heavy  jewellery then don’t wear loud lipsticks or eye shades .Try to be little subtle with your colors otherwise you may end up looking like your usual saas bahu serials vamp.
I will try sharing my shimmery and bright make up look this festival. Hope you to enjoy your make up and look your best too
Your neighborhood friend
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