10 Celebrities’ Makeup Went Horribly Wrong


10 Celebrities’ Makeup Went Horribly Wrong

Our celebrities literally live on makeup. I’m sure that they rarely do their own makeup and always stay dependent on makeup professionals. Even the best makeup artists go wrong sometimes and our favourite divas end up looking horribly wrong. I just wish that these girls took a good look at mirror before making the heads turn in the wrong way. Take a cup of tea /coffee and go through these Celebrities’ Makeup Went Horribly Wrong that will teach you a lot of makeup don’ts-

Kim Kardashian

celebrity makeup gone wrong (1)

Starting with the queen of makeup, I do not understand what was she thinking while going out like this. Too much foundation is making Kim look cakey and ashy. Those too thick and too long lashes are clashing with ruby red lips. Its a classic case of too much going on.

Leighton Meister

celebrity makeup gone wrong (2)

The Gossip Girl definitely became a topic of discussion after getting this disaster done on her face. She wore purple eyeshadow like she was trying to play ‘Joker’ and add to it the electric red lips. The result is completely cringe-worthy.

Angelina Jolie

celebrity makeup gone wrong (3)

I adore her and didn’t want to see her like this. This look of her was regarded as ‘powder-fail’. It definitely is a failure in terms of powder application. I guess she was in too much of hurry to get her powder blended.

Nicole Kidman

celebrity makeup gone wrong (4)

She looks like a doll most of the times but here she looks like a spooky-doll straight out of a horror movie. In an attempt to cover dark circles, her makeup artist ended up giving her white circles. Some good blending brushes are what she needs.

Claudia Winkleman

celebrity makeup gone wrong (6)

The well-known TV personality, worked way too much I guess. She decided to show the world the side-effects of working long hours and dabbed kohl like nobody’s business. Too much kohl put haphazardly and that too without blending. Her lips have turned white probably due to cold 😛

Miley Cyrus

celebrity makeup gone wrong (8)

She looks really troubled here. A streak of powder across her face is too obvious to ignore. Somebody tried to take their grudges out 😛

Mischa Barton

celebrity makeup gone wrong (9)

This look shows that a gorgeous lady like Mischa can also look horrible. I understand that if you go heavy on eyes, you need to keep rest of the makeup subtle. The only problem is Mischa’s eyes are looking too heavy. She is looking like a makeup newbie who doesn’t know where to draw the line.

Rani Mukherjee

celebrity makeup gone wrong (10)

Too much brown! I wish she had added another colour to her face. Look at her nose and you will see two brown lines going down the sides. Looks like she was trying to teach where to place contouring powder but forgot to teach the blending part.

Sonam Kapoor

celebrity makeup gone wrong (5)

Brown girls want to look fair and fair Sonam wanted to look brown so bad that she accepted looking like a chocolate brownie. Her face is looking too orange and oily and dull. Her eyes are…Ok, I have no words.

Deepika Padukone

celebrity makeup gone wrong (7)

It took a lot of courage to feature her in this list. Just look at that unflattering lipstick shade. Now take a look at her heavy eyes looking even heavier due to too thick brows. And seriously, those stone-eyes due to a bad choice of contact lenses.

Have you seen these horrible celebrity makeup looks before?

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