10 Celebrity Cat Eyeliner Looks



10 Celebrity Cat Eyeliner Looks

The beauty and glamour world has become feline frenzy. Not only in the present time, cat eyes are here since decades and are ever fashionable, very flattering and deliver a deep, sultry, mysterious look. From runways and red carpets to colleges and offices, the feline inspired eyes are very much in fashion. A perfect cat liner is true happiness and it will never date.

So listing today 10 sexy and sultry cat liners from the feline frenzy world.

Audrey Hepburn


celebrity cat liner


Her pristine black cat liner has the potential to kill. She is the cat eye makeup goddess. Go dramatic and wing out your liner so the two points meet. Add a beige pencil to the waterline to make the whites of eyes even brighter. Apply a charcoal eye shadow and apply it over the wings and blend. Audrey Hepburn eyes are just steps away.

Marilyn Monroe


celebrity cat liner look


The iconic woman with an iconic eye makeup and iconic red lips. Do I need to say more? They started the trend which is never going to fade.

Angelina Jolie


celebrity cat eyeliner makeup


People are crazy about her lips, but what I like most about her is her pair of peepers. Beautiful..Cat eyes are her favorite and she is seen sporting them often. I am sharing two of her cat liner looks, one subtle and one very dramatic.

Taylor Swift




Cat on eyes and cat on arm. Eye candy and Arm candy together 😛

She really loves cats and anything related to them. That’s why its hard to spot Taylor without cat-lined eyes. She loves both simple and sparkly dramatic ones which looks so gorgeous against her blue eyes.

Scarlet Johansson




A pair of neat and clean cat lined eyes beautifully paired with red stained lips. A perfect combination to up your beauty game.

Amanda Seyfried




This lash-heavy strong cat eye provides her look with a striking edge. Instead of white liner, she used skin colored liner on her lower lash line which pooped her eyes without making it look too gaudy.

Emma Stone


Emma Stone cateliner-makeup


You think clumpy mascaras can only spoil your makeup? Then have a look at Emma. The clumpy black mascara on the lower lid gives Emma’s take on the cat eye a twist. Ohh..she also loves subtle cat liner and pink lips.

Deepika Padukone


Deepika Padukone cate eyeliner


Her doe-eyes look a little longer and a lot more beautiful when she decides to adopt the cat-look. Here you can see how perfectly her liner has been winged out. Complementing red lips make her look even more glamorous.

Bipasha Basu


celebrity cate eyeliner BipashaBasu


The expertly winged black liner made her look dramatic and very gorgeous. In this makeup look, she drew a thick winged liner on the upper eye lash line and winged it out. For a better effect look of cat eyes, she continued the liner down into the inner corners of the eye to emphasize the sharp V-shape.

Sharmila Tagore


celebrity cat eyeliner sharmila


Ending the list with the classic cat eye makeup of Sharmila Tagore. This list is incomplete without her. She is the queen of cat and winged liner in India.

Which is your favorite cat eyeliner makeup look?

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